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Merrily We Roll Along Musical Lyrics

Merrily We Roll Along description

The script for this wrote G. Furth, music part & lyrics belong to S. Sondheim. The basis of creation considered the theatrical of 1934, Merrily We Roll Along, sponsored by G. Kaufman & M. Hart. The creators have keep the main idea & plot of the above-mentioned theatrical. Advanced scenario has changed, now covering the time frame between 1957 & 1976. The story is about Mr. Shepard, a gifted songwriter, who abandoned production for Broadway and shifted to producing of Hollywood movies.

November 1981 in the Alvin Theatre premiered this play. Directed by H. Prince, choreographed by L. Fuller. The following actors starred: J. Walton, L. Price, A. Morrison, T. Finn & S. Klein. Amongst the second-plan heroes was G. Esposito, known to fans of cinema for his role as Gustavo Fring in drama series Braking Bad. For running time, the audience saw 16 performances and 52 previews. Such a modest amount of demonstrations explained by quite weak ratings.
Release date: 1981
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

Merrily We Roll Along Lyrics

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