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Menopause Musical Lyrics

Menopause description

The first demonstration was in Orlando on March 2001. The venue of the performance was a theater on 76 seats, which had previously shared a place with a perfume shop. The original cast of the musical included S. Browne, P. McGuire, P. O'Bannon & W. Williams. They accordingly performed roles of Power Women, Iowa Housewife, Earth Mother & Soap Star. K. Lindsey handed the entire process.

During the following period, quite commonplace were the outside-of-USA plays of histrionics. This spectacular had visited almost every corner of the globe, from Canada to Italy, from South Africa to South Korea. The website of this production says that in the period of its display, more than 11 000 000 people beheld it. A significant part of the audience was members of so-called Red Hat Society. This show holds the set of philanthropic achievements. Part of the money earned at the box office, have been transferred to struggle cancer of ovaries.
Release date: 2002
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

Menopause Lyrics

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  3. Change, Change, Change Lyrics
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  9. Drippin' and Droppin' Lyrics
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