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Me Nobody Knows, The Musical Lyrics

Me Nobody Knows, The description

Considered musical is based on a book of R. H. Livingston, H. Schapiro & S. M. Joseph. Music to the project belongs to G. W. Friedman & lyrics – to W. Holt. Spoken texts are written by children aged 7-18, attending public schools of New York. Opening Off-Broadway production took place in May 1970. The venue was in the Orpheum Theatre. The exhibition lasted for six months and was closed on December 1970. During this period, the audience saw 208 performances. In the same year, it was decided to take the show on Broadway.

September 1971 – the date of the first Broadway’s show. This and all subsequent performances were held in Transferred Longacre Theatre. Prior to the closure of the show in November 1971, 378 performances were conducted. Project was directed by R. H. Livingston. A considerable role in its creation played a choreographer P. Birch. This creation was one of the earliest rock musicals ever shown on Broadway.
Release date: 1970
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

Me Nobody Knows, The Lyrics

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