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Me and My Girl Lyrics

This is histrionics, where original screenplay & score have been done by N. Gay. Lyrics belong to D. Furber & L. A. Rose. Creation takes viewers in the 30 years of the 20th century and tells them the story of loutish cockney named Bill Snibson, which becomes a contender for the title of Count. Actions take place in different parts of London.

The initial opening of the production was in December 1937 in the Victoria Palace Theatre, which is West End. The main role in the musical performed L. Lane. The latter was previously seen in the comedy play Twenty to One in 1935. The first shows attracted little attention, but in time, the interest of spectators to this spectacular greatly increased. In May 1939 for the first time in the history of the theater, a live broadcast on national television was held. During the stay in the West End, musical has been performed 1646 times. After such a successful conquest of the scene, in 1939 the filmmakers made the decision to shoot a motion picture based on the performance. The latter received the name The Lambeth Walk, which is a reference to the eponymous composition of this theatrical.
Release date: 1937
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