Me and My Girl synopsis

Me and My Girl synopsis

Me and My Girl Synopsis - Broadway musical

It is 1930-ies. Musical events take place in the city called Harefolds. Home of contemptuous patricians search for the rightful legatee to carry the Count of Hareford title. Suddenly for everyone in rat races for vacant place Bill Snibson entered. Last, it would seem, was a typical representative of cockneys – London’s working class. However, later it turns out that Bill is long-lost Count Hareford, who in his youth secretly married a poor girl, thereby exchanging the luxury & award-winning life for almost nothing. But now the main character is ready to return his rightful loud name. However, not everything is so simple. Rough manners of Bill do not satisfy the last counts’ will. So he says the following condition: to obtain a hereditary title & property, cockney must learn to behave in the secular society. He will have to study gentlemanly manners. To monitor progress of Snibson Duchess herself undertook. She believes that under her leadership, everyone in the shortest time may become the righteous Count. But there is a friend of the protagonist Sally Smith arrived. The girl is ignored without exception by all representatives of London's elite. She wasn’t even invited to the party, which was organized in honor of Bill. Mr. John says her that soon she would have to return home alone.

Bill tries hard to gratify newfound friends from high society, including lawyers, honorable guests, as well as titled Counts & Countesses. But very soon the mask of nobleman falls off in front of guests & a simple guy from cockneys appears. But the Duchess is not upset & says that it was only a rehearsal. Really important go-out still expect Snibson ahead.

There comes a time when the Bill is to pronounce in the diadem a fiery speech before many noblepersons. Realizing own uselessness, a girl goes away & wishes to the protagonist to find a right mate with corresponding status. In the next scene, inspired by Gilbert & Sullivan, portraits of ancestors of Bill become alive, to remind them of his true vocation. Potential Count manages to convince Sally to stay with him for a little longer, until he gets used to the new social role. Beloved enlist the help of Sir John, who invites them to use the services of a Professor of speech Mr. Higgins from Pygmalion. According to him, this is the only way Sally will be able to make an impression on the Duchess.

Now Bill rarely sees his favorite. Watching the sufferings of the protagonist, the Duchess understands how important Sally is for him. & no matter what stratum of society she represents. Duchess gets a big charge of romantic emotions. Sir John fully enjoys the current situation. The latter offers a high-level sweetheart to marry him, & she agrees. Unable to cope with enormous pressure, Bill changes into his old clothes of cockney & goes upstairs to pack other things. At this point, Sally appears. She amazes present with her elegant attire, as well as almost perfect aristocratic accent. Returning back, Bill freezes in amazement. Seeing Sally beautiful in a new image, the protagonist decides to stay. Later, the pair receives family consent to their marriage.
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