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Marguerite Musical Lyrics

Marguerite description

At the heart of the musical is famous work of A. Dumas. The script created by: A. Boublil, C.–M. Schönberg & J. Kent. The music composed by M. Legrand, lyrics – by H. Kretzmer & A. Boublil. Directed by J. Kent. R. Henshall starred Marguerite. J. Ovenden – her lover Armand. A. Hanson played a Nazi Otto. In other parts were A. Beechey, S. Thomas, M. Cross, K. Crook, A.C. Wadsworth among others. The premiere of the play took place on the stage of Theatre Royal Haymarket in late May 2008. Closure has to be in early November 2008, but the musical was prematurely removed from the display in September 2008.

In 2009, the play was shown in Japan. In early December 2010, Ostrava (Czech Republic) hosted the premiere of the updated version of the theatrical. London’s production was subjected to severe processing. The script and the lyrics were reconsidered by A. Boublil & his wife M. Zamora. M. Legrand has created new dancing numbers. The histrionics was in the Czech language. Translation carried out by M. Prostejovsky. Chief director – G. Haukvicová. The role of Marguerite acted H. Fialová. During three days at the beginning of 2011, the original version of the musical was shown in Guildford on the stage of The Mill Studio. Starring B. Van-Orden – Marguerite & O. Trumble – Armand.

Updated once again, musical was at the Tabard Theatre’s stage in October 2012. Theatrical took into account the changes made up in the Czech version. Author of the new script was the same A. Boublil. Director – G. Unswort. In 2009, the spectacular was nominated for a Laurence Olivier Award in three categories, but didn’t win.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:May, 12th 2016

Marguerite Lyrics

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