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March Of The Falsettos Musical Lyrics

March Of The Falsettos description

The show is based on the book by W. Finn, which has been written especially for adaptation on a stage. The musical was shown in 1981 for the first time. The performance lasted 4 months. The premiere in other theater took place the same year. It also lasted 4 months. James Lapine was the director. Actors were the following: M. Rupert, A. Fraser & J. Kushner. The British premiere took place in 1987. R. Haines has created it. B. James, M. Smith, P. Navin, S. Greene and D. Walker were amongst actors. Show had great success in the audience and lasted the whole year.

In 1992, the musical received Tony. Earlier, in 1981, it was awarded with Outer Critics Circle as the best play.
Release date: 1981
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

March Of The Falsettos Lyrics

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