Make Me A Song (musical) (lyrics, songs)

MAKE ME A SONG is a compilation of more than twenty hits from one William Finn's exceptional career in musical theatre. Effortlessly woven together, these treasured tunes by the composer of the acclaimed Falsettos series and the Tony Award®- winning smash hit The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee tell personal, haunting and often hilarious tales from Finn’s rich and touching human songbook. MAKE ME A SONG brims with spectacular highlights sure to delight longtime fans and newcomers alike.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

Make Me A Song lyrics list

  1. Disc 1
  2. Mister, Make Me A Song Lyrics   add
  3. Heart and Music Lyrics Heart and Music Video  add
  4. Hitchhiking Across America Lyrics Hitchhiking Across America Video  add
  5. Republicans Lyrics Republicans  Video  add
  6. Billy's Law-of-Genetics Lyrics   add
  7. Passover Lyrics
  8. Only One Lyrics Only One Video  add
  9. Republicans (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  10. I'd Rather Be Sailing/Set Those Sails Lyrics I'd Rather Be Sailing/Set Those Sails Video  add
  11. Change Lyrics   add
  12. I Have Found Lyrics I Have Found Video  add
  13. Republicans (Reprise 2) Lyrics   add
  14. You're Even Better Than You Think You Are Lyrics   add
  15. Falsettoland - The Falsettos Suite Lyrics   add
  16. Four Jews In A Room Bitching Lyrics
  17. Tight Knit Family/Love is Blind/My Father's A Homo Lyrics   add
  18. Trina's Song Lyrics   add
  19. March of the Falsettos Lyrics March of the Falsettos Video  add
  20. Year of the Child/The Baseball Game Lyrics   add
  21. Unlikely Lovers Lyrics Unlikely Lovers Video  add
  22. Disc 2
  23. All Fall Down Lyrics All Fall Down Video  add
  24. Republicans (Reprise 3) Lyrics   add
  25. Stupid Things I Won't Do Lyrics Stupid Things I Won't Do Video  add
  26. That's Enough For Me Lyrics That's Enough For Me Video  add
  27. I Went Fishing With My Dad Lyrics I Went Fishing With My Dad Video  add
  28. When the Earth Stopped Turning Lyrics When the Earth Stopped Turning Video  add
  29. Anytime (I Am There) Lyrics Anytime (I Am There) Video  add
  30. Song of Innocence and Experience Lyrics   add
  31. Finale Lyrics   add
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