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Some Sort of Somebody Lyrics » Very Good Eddie

Some Sort of Somebody Lyrics

Have you ever really tried to concentrate?
I don't know the meaning of the word.
Then when you think you love a girl you hesitate?
Not too long, for that would be absurd!

I know that when I'm ninety, with a long gray beard,
I'll still be making up my mind.
Procrastination is a habit to be feared.
You will always find.

Some of the time
You think you love a brunette.
I know the kind who had a Spanish mother!
Some of the time you love a blond. . .
Who came from Eden
And. . .
By way of Sweden,
Sometimes they're short

Or they may be tall.
They may pass by
And sometimes they fall.
But you/I love some sort of somebody all of the time.

I have traveled all around this world of ours.
I don't doubt that you've been going some.
And I have sipped the honey from the rarest flowers.
You have sent the flowers and sipped the rum.
In every foreign country I have met my fate.
I've met her so much, I am tired.
Can you remain quite neutral and to me relate,
Which most you admire.

Some of the time
I loved a girl from Berlin.
Sie war so schon und lustig
Und so weiter.
Some of the time she came from Spain. . .
Your heart was full oh.
And. . .
Of "Throw the bull oh."
Italian Girls,
And French I adore.
Now then we know
Who started the war.
But you/I love some sort of somebody all of the time.
Last Update: January, 08th 2014

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