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Titanic review

Theatre community quite coldly met a theatrical about the legendary vessel Titanic. Many publications ambiguously expressed their opinions about the Broadway musical, but they have not affected the beholders’ opinions. A spectacular was produced more than 1,000 times by different troupes, and in whatever country it may come, the huge excitement was definitely provided. This is largely connected with the tragedy that leaves no one indifferent. But to downplay the work of writers and producers also not good.

The show started a few months before the premiere of James Cameron, which was held in November. We can say that the legendary film raised a wave of interest to this topic again, which afterwards became the subject of many documentaries, books and articles.

To make histrionics about the tragedy, where died more than 1,500 people, was a completely hard task. Peter Stone has chosen the right path for his creation: he used real historical facts and characters. The changes affected only those parts that were needed to provide the entertainment part in the musical. It focuses on real characters, which gives this performance the real human face. Unlike the film, the musical introduces us to characters much closer. We see people of different classes. Some of them were on the ship because the Old World could not offer them a decent standard of living, while others – because of the abundance of resources and the desire to see the world.

The brilliant concept of developers worth mentioning: they allowed the viewer to watch the characters located on three different decks simultaneously. A scene with a tilting the vessel down, filled with horror, plunges men, women and children into shock. The effect of it on the audience can hardly be overestimated. The team managed to make it stunning and realistic.

There is no doubt that the ‘Titanic’ is the landmark of American musicals area. No wonder it has experienced many revivals, and still attracts the attention of the public.
Last Update:July, 11th 2016

Titanic Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture In Every Age
  3. How Did They Build Titanic?
  4. Fare-thee-well
  5. There She Is
  6. I Must Get On That Ship
  7. The 1st Class Roster
  8. Godspeed Titanic
  9. Barrett's Song
  10. What A Remarkable Age This Is
  11. To Be A Captain
  12. Lady's Maid
  13. The Proposal/ The Night Was Alive
  14. Hymn/ Doing The Latest Rag
  15. I Have Danced
  16. No Moon
  17. Autumn / Finale Act 1
  18. Act 2
  19. Wake Up, Wake Up! Lyrics 
  20. Dressed In Your Pyjamas In The Grand Salon
  21. The Staircase Lyrics 
  22. The Blame
  23. To The Lifeboats
  24. We'll Meet Tomorrow
  25. Still
  26. To Be A Captain (reprise)
  27. The Foundering Lyrics 
  28. Mr. Andrews' Vision
  29. Epilogue: In Every Age

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