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The Thing About Men synopsis

Tom Ambrose is a head of a large advertising company. He leads vain and carefree life. He has a love affair with the Creative Director of his company Jessica. Remembering that today is the fifteenth anniversary of his wedding, he returned home early and realizes that his wife Lucy has recently been attended by a lover. His wife confirmed his guess. Struck by such news, he leaves the house, gets a taxicab and tells his story to the driver. The driver offers not to take drastic decisions, but to try to struggle for his wife. The deceived husband decided to track down the offender of his family life.

Watching the house, he saw his wife's lover. It was a young, longhaired man who arrived on a bicycle. Tom followed him and saw his ads that he needed a companion to rent the house. Instantly adopting a decision, deceived husband offers himself as a roommate, and so the stranger had no doubts, offers to pay the full rent at once. Longhaired man called himself Sebastian. He brings a new friend in their joint home, which is an attic. Lover says that he is a successful glamour artist, and this is his studio-home.

After the husband left, Lucy doubts the seriousness of the artist's feelings to her, but a painter convinces her otherwise, and she gives him to use a Porsche of her husband that he has left in the house’s site. Living together, men even begin to become attached to each other; they have something incommon to talk about. One day a woman came to her lover without warning, and her husband had to hide, wearing the mask of gorilla, in order not to be recognized. The deceived husband wants to find a new lover to his opponent, and asks to help his neighbor Edith in this case. They introduce model Cindy to Sebastian and Tom arranges them a blind date. The artist likes a new friend, but he decides to stay with Lucy. He goes to her and tells of his love. Frustrated by the failure, deceived husband gets drunk and decides to move out from the artist’s premises. But he asks him to stay, since they got closer together and he cannot pay the rent right now. Things are going bad at glam artist.

Tom offers to help an artist in search of work, logically thinking that he, starting to have good money, will let his wife go. They are working hard to create a portfolio for him, and then they radically change the image of an artist. Now he has a short and neat haircut and a business suit. He goes to a job interview in an advertising agency, where the deceived husband works. People there are impressed with his portfolio and offer him the post of creative director.

Men celebrate the appointment of the artist when Lucy comes. Her husband is hiding. She was not thrilled with the new image and work of the artist. The husband comes to his wife and tries to convince her that he has changed. But she does not believe him. Tom at work calls a new creative director for an interview and at this point comes Lucy. The intrigue reveals. The woman realizes that her husband went to all this deception to save their marriage, and decides to give him another try. But men had already become friends during that time and they want to stay ones. Woman agrees to this difficulty.
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The Thing About Men Lyrics

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