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The Thing About Men review

The musical ‘The Thing About Men’ is the second work of the tandem of Joe Dipietro & Jimmy Roberts. The first one 'I Love You' had commercial success, and on this wave was created the second one. In it, on supporting roles were introduced actors from the first cast, maybe for good luck. Success has not been reached; it failed. But for lovers of light unpretentious comedies that show is exactly what is needed.

Old as the world story, where people have been long living in a marriage, lose all interest in each other, and try to find the missing emotions on the side. And only when the marriage ruins, they start to appreciate it. You look at all the attempts of Tom, his tricks, with a smile. The character is familiar and close, because everything had to cheat and deceive their partners once, and many of us are familiar with all-consuming jealousy. A man accustomed to manage others, considers himself irresistible, cannot accept losing. In the course of the play, the impression is that he does not try to save his family, but simply is interested in what his wife has found about this artist Sebastian. Therefore, the desire to keep the family together and to stay a friend of lover of his wife is unnatural and not credible. At least, not for everyone.

Character of woman Lucy, too, is not much concerned about the preservation of the family. The fact that her husband has disappeared, as it seems, cares her a little. And the artist, who received a good job, no longer interests her. Thus, we can see yet another side of her attraction to him: she wants him to be a gigolo. She wants to possess him by means of money that empowers her and gives her potency. Having a poor, dependent lover, was much better for her. This is a normal life of spoiled and rich woman who loved to arrange scandals, who believes that her person was unfairly deprived of attention. Maybe, she was, but she used her money instead, to have a lover, not a soul mate.

We see Sebastian as a typical gigolo, not without the skills of the artist. To settle himself to certain rich lady was a normal practice for him. It seems that he does not know how to live differently. The main thing is to fit the group of people who call themselves “La Boheme”. So Tom had to persuade a painter to get a job to fit a woman like Lucy, but eventually, he was mistaken.

None of the characters causes sympathy or empathy. Yes, probably, it is not much necessary for a comedy. This performance has no positive or negative characters. It does not evaluate the good or bad notions. People simply live like that. The whole story is like a fairy tale, all the worries of the characters – are love affairs. After viewing, remains a good mood and airiness. There are no social conflicts, hard struggle or sophisticated overtones. It is the thing, with which it’s good to finish the day.
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

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