Take Flight synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Take Flight 
  3. Equilibrium 
  4. Sky! 
  5. Like You, Say 
  6. Throw It to the Wind 
  7. Pffft! 
  8. Lady in That Aeroplane 
  9. Lady Lindy 
  10. Solo/Sorry, Mr Lindbergh 
  11. What Are We Doing Here? 
  12. Before the Dawn 
  13. Act 2
  14. Back of the Line 
  15. Before the Dawn (reprise) 
  16. The Funniest Thing 
  17. (The Farther You Go) Around the World/Papua 
  18. The Prize/The Landing 
  19. Finale 

Take Flight synopsis

Take Flight Synopsis - Broadway musical

This is the story of the first pioneers of the air of the ocean that began with the Wright brothers' attempts to build a machine that would be able not only to fly a machine in the skies, but also to elevate a person there. The creators of bicycles firmly decided to realize their dream. Every failure only pushed Wilbur and Orville further to conquer the blue heights. Exploring the physics of flight aerodynamics, Wright brothers were able to build a flying machine, which would enable them to plunge into the vastness of the air ocean. After the development of aircrafts, began heroic attempts of people to overcome the largest possible distance without landing. Young Charles Lindbergh in search of work arranged himself in a flying circus. Soon, the young man fell ill with a dream to cross the Atlantic Ocean by plane alone. After years of waiting, he could make his plan come true. Flight from New York to Paris lasted very long, but ended with the success of the American aviator. Achieving of Charles Lindbergh was welcomed in both the Old and New Worlds.

Not only the men began to control the flying vehicles – heroic women also entered the history of aviation, as outstanding pilots. Amelia Earhart did not want to stay on the ground when she beckoned by the sky. After passing through a lot of obstacles and prejudices, she has learned how to fly a plane. Soon, she was proposed to cross the Atlantic Ocean together with the man-pilot. The event was funded by the publisher George Putnam. The successful attempt of Earhart made her to think of an independent single flight on the same route. After a few years, her plans came true. Her sponsor began to show to Amelia not only financial, but also a personal interest. After numerous proposals, she eventually agreed to marry George Putnam. But she decided not to become a simple housewife and continued to fly airplanes. Despite the anxiety of her spouse, Amelia planned to travel around the world by air. Communication with her aircraft was lost, when the woman was over the Pacific Ocean.

Staging events also included a story of German Otto Lilienthal, who died testing a new airplane at the end of the XIX century. The aviator has seen the dawn of an aircrafts era and we may say that he is invisibly present at the heroic accomplishments of the pilots of modern times.
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