Seesaw synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Seesaw 
  3. My City 
  4. Nobody Does It Like Me 
  5. In Tune 
  6. Spanglish 
  7. Welcome To Holiday Inn 
  8. You're A Lovable Lunatic 
  9. He's Good For Me 
  10. Ride Out The Storm 
  11. Act 2
  12. We've Got It 
  13. Poor Everybody Else 
  14. Chapter 54, Number 1909 
  15. Seesaw Ballet 
  16. It's Not Where You Start 
  17. Finale: I'm Way Ahead / Seesaw (Reprise) 

Seesaw synopsis

Seesaw Synopsis - Broadway musical

In the center of the plot is a lawyer Jerry from America's Midwest. He is young, handsome, and is very easy to talk to. To realize own ambitions into life, the main character decides to leave his hometown and to move to one of the largest centers of not only the USA, but of all world – NYC. Just in a few days after the arrival, Jerry makes an affair with a funny young dancer Gittel. The guy and the girl having a completely different outlooks on life, but it does not prevent them to be together. They agree on the next meeting.

Gittel tells Jerry of all the subtleties of New York’s life. As the main character expected, a city is overflowed with interesting and outstanding personalities who have gathered here from all corners of the globe. A young lawyer repeatedly sees unusual for him things, such as X-rated movie theaters, located in Times Square, or the representatives of the oldest profession, openly seeking their clients on Eighth Avenue.

Jerry and Gittel spend an interesting weekend in Lincoln Center. The time spending there of the main characters triggers the chain of strange events. Among the latter is seen by man and a woman the street staging of the play Hamlet. All would be great, but it was performed on a purely Puerto Rican language, without any translation. As it turned out, one of the actors of this theater David is a close friend of Gittel. At the moment, he is only a novice choreographer, who in the future wants to stage the whole plays on Broadway.

It takes a while, and Jerry and Gittel’s relationships fail. They end up just as suddenly as began. Whose fault is it? It is unlikely that someone can blame in separation of completely different people. One thing is for sure – the acquaintance of the main characters is not in vain. The guy and the girl learned many interesting things from each other. In particular, they become more familiar with New York, which, without exaggeration, is a special and exciting city.
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