School of Rock synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. I'm Too Hot for You I'm Too Hot for You Video
  3. When I Climb to the Top of Mount Rock
  4. Horace Green Alma Mater Horace Green Alma Mater Video
  5. Here at Horace Green Here at Horace Green Video
  6. Variation 7 / Children of Rock 
  7. Mount Rock (Reprise) 
  8. Queen of the Night Queen of the Night Video
  9. You're in the Band You're in the Band Video
  10. You're in the Band (Reprise) 
  11. If Only You Would Listen
  12. In the End of Time (A Cappella Version)
  13. Faculty Quadrille Faculty Quadrille Video
  14. In the End of Time (Band Practice) In the End of Time (Band Practice) Video
  15. Stick It to the Man
  16. In the End of Time (The Audition) 
  17. Stick It to the Man (Reprise) 
  18. Act 2
  19. Time to Play Time to Play Video
  20. Amazing Grace 
  21. Math Is a Wonderful Thing 
  22. Where Did the Rock Go?
  23. School Of Rock (Teacher's Pet)
  24. Dewey's Confession Dewey's Confession Video
  25. If Only You Would Listen (Reprise) 
  26. I'm Too Hot for You (Reprise) 
  27. School of Rock 
  28. Stick It to the Man (Encore) 
  29. Finale Finale Video

School of Rock synopsis

School of Rock Synopsis - Broadway musical

After guitarist Dewey was kicked out of a rock band, he introduced himself with the name of his friend, so with such a fraud to be employed to a school. Such actions a young man was forced to do to pay the rent of the room he hired from a friend and his passion. Ned & Patty gave him 30 days to find the money. The director did not notice the substitution and Dewey started teaching. Suffering from a hangover and hunger, he tried to send someone from the students for a sandwich. But then he learned that the children are not allowed to leave school during classes. Exhausted false teacher slept all the lessons in a row and his students have entertained themselves. Back at the apartment of a friend, Dewey tried to draw Ned to creation of a new rock band. The appearance of Patty swayed all plans of friends.

In the morning, the young man learned that his students knew how to play musical instruments. Dewey told the children about the creation of a school rock band. He distributed instruments among the students, appointed a manager and announced that they will participate in the upcoming competition. Then Dewey gave the students home CDs with classics of rock. Trying to share the news with their parents about creating a band, the children met indifference and incomprehension. They realized that they aren’t heard, and decided to convey to the world their feelings. In the morning, the children came up with a name for the band – a team became known as ‘School of Rock’. Dewey wrote a song on the run together with his students that they had to perform at the competition. Teachers negatively perceived such an unusual fellow. According to them, the children began to behave worse after communicating with a new teacher.

After school, Dewey slipped out of the school with the students – they had to pass the audition in order to participate in the competition. But suddenly it turned out that the casting was completed. The manager of band ‘Summer’ talked with the organizers of the contest and they were allowed to participate. Then Dewey learned that the girl spoke about the deadly disease, of which children allegedly suffered. Soon was expected visit to the school by parents, so the teacher had to work diligently with the children. Suddenly Dewey learned that director Rosalie was a secret admirer of rock direction. The teacher was in shock, but he was more alarmed of evening for parents – he had to prepare any presentation with the children. In addition, the event took place during the competition of rock bands. Trying to figure out how to combine these events, Dewey chose a soloist to ‘School of Rock’. Soon, the young man was able to win the support of director – Rosalie promised to help with carrying out the evening for parents and with the participation in the competition.

After receiving a check payment for the work, Ned learned that his friend has appropriated his name and position. Dewey was able to convince the other no to report it to the Director and Patty. Soon, one of the students wrote a song. Dewey was impressed by his talent. During rehearsals of the band, parents accidentally entered in the room. They rebelled, seeing that their children were not learning, but Dewey was able to show the positive side to adults of such communication between students. Suddenly in the class appeared Ned and Patty. Women exposed Dewey, telling the director and parents, that he was not a real teacher. Frustrated guitarist left the school. But children still decided to take part in the competition. With the help of the director, they were able to go to Dewey and to convince him that everything wasn’t lost yet.

Upon arrival to the competition, the students began to prepare for the performance. Soon there were their parents, but adults were not allowed backstage. Wearing costumes made on the basis of school uniforms, the students sang a song of their classmate. After that, parents were able to understand the feelings of their own children. Despite the fact that another band was announced as the winner, all were satisfied with the performance of the school community. Suddenly the hall began to call ‘School of Rock’ for an encore. Director no longer was able to hide her love for rock. Rosalie decided that school needed discipline on this subject, and Dewey must teach it.
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