Rocky Horror Show review

Rocky Horror Show Review - Broadway musical

The cult, scary, funny, absurd – they are not all characteristics, which aptly describe this creation. If you take it through the prism of seriousness, you can give up and lose any desire to watch such projects in the future. But setting yourself to watch a true show, you will get a real pleasure and at the same time, will have a portion of the material for thoughts. Musical wonderfully combines elements of comedy skits, science fiction and even horror. The air literally soars with bi-gender mood, through which the viewer gets acquainted with the main characters and learns their dark side fast. What is happening on the scene can be interpreted in different ways. But, perhaps, its main goal is to demonstrate the secret desires of each person, hidden deep in the soul all life and manifested only in unusual situations. Such transformation we see in a pair of newlyweds Brad and Janet.

Performance can be divided into two parts: before and after getting into the Frankenstein’s Castle. The first takes a short period of time and tells the audience the story of a very ordinary protagonists. With the transition to the second part, events change their course by 360 degrees, and demonstrate on the scene the horrific emotions and irrationality. Scenery and background acquire a bright red hue that successfully emphasizes taking place on the stage transgender development. Particularly noteworthy were costumes of inhabitants of the castle. To call them extraordinary is to say nothing. Most characters worn revealing outfits, including a cabaret corset, black stockings and indecently high heels. And such attires worn not only women but also men. The unprepared person may be shocked, but as noted by critics, it was a brilliant staging move, which has all chances to enter into the history of theatrical art.

Over the years, Tim Curry played a lot of good roles. Some of them relate to the movie, others – to the theater. The best work of the actor is considered a character Frank N Furter. Last represents chaos and debauchery on stage. He is the driving force, capable in one moment to change the course of the plot. Is he considered a hero-villain? Maybe, but only partially. On the role of antagonists of the doctor, his servants suit more, who indulge all his dark business and do not let him to quit even when Furter seriously considers this. The owner of the castle was a free man who did not know the boundaries in the fields of pleasure. He does not intend to spoil his guests deliberately. The doctor just wanted to show them all the charm of transgender life. But by means of what methods did he do it – was entirely other issue.

Music fits well into the overall production. There dominate jazz and rock'n'roll songs. Most of them are devoted to the image of the doctor’s life, as well as his achievements in the field of switched sensuality. Song ‘Sweet Transvestite’ is a benefit of the creative Tim Curry. All of the voice articulations look great. It is really his way, which would hardly be represented that good by any other actor. The performance thanks to its main performer strikes with charisma and brilliance. But some sense of uncertainty remains, as it takes time to realize the beauty of this creation.
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