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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Opening
  3. There Is Greatness In Me
  4. A Letter to Jane/The Tiger
  5. Charity
  6. Glorious Devil/The Waters Glorious Devil/The Waters Video
  7. The Barrel/Cradle or Coffin The Barrel/Cradle or Coffin Video
  8. Types Like You Types Like You Video
  9. Do the Pan! Do the Pan! Video
  10. Floating Cloud/Cradle or Coffin Reprise Floating Cloud/Cradle or Coffin Reprise Video
  11. Laugh at the Tiger Laugh at the Tiger Video
  12. On the Other Side
  13. Act One Finale Act One Finale Video
  14. Act 2
  15. The Quintessential Hero The Quintessential Hero Video
  16. Million Dolla’ Momma Million Dolla’ Momma Video
  17. Expectations Expectations Video
  18. Bookings (Part One) Bookings (Part One) Video
  19. Break Down the Door Break Down the Door Video
  20. The Green The Green Video
  21. Bookings (Part Two) Bookings (Part Two) Video
  22. Postcards Postcards Video
  23. The Fall (Act Two Finale) The Fall (Act Two Finale) Video

Queen of the Mist synopsis

Queen of the Mist Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the performance takes place in the state New York, at Niagara Falls. It is the time of early 1900s. In the center of the plot, we see a teacher, who is already old enough. She is 63. The woman utterly needs money. And she makes a decision to try and become the first female, who has ever managed to cross Niagara Falls. For such purpose, she makes a barrel with her own hands. But the teacher is not alone. She has her manager beside her to help.

Throughout the musical, we observe her journey. The heroine faces plenty of problems and difficulties. There are people, who are strongly against her. It is not just the treacherous Falls, which creates troubles. Members of moralizing family, various activists and even assassins and revolutionaries are on her way. Despite all the obstacles, she is moving to her aim. The teacher is fighting for her legacy, and she is sure that this is an honorable task. The main character does not want to live an ordinary life anymore. The choice, she has made, is to battle the fears and tempt the fate.

After getting fame, she tries to use it on her lecture circuit. But it doesn’t last for too long. The woman finally dies being poor. There is also a turn-of-the-century issue in this spectacle, which will attract the audience.
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