Come With Me lyrics - Prom Night

Come With Me lyrics

Come With Me

You might just be the boy Ive always known
I might be lost in something beautiful
We might have found a secret deep inside ourselves
Deeper than this moment here tonight
Starr and Cole:
In our song
we become one
You and I run from the boundaries of time
Come with me
With Melody
Is a life and waking our hearts in the dawning of new light
You might be everything Ive dreamed of
I might just find myself in your soul
I can tell you that Ill always fight for what we have
Baby, take my hand and hold on
Like a mystery we found very deep
Waiting to be unlocked, to be unleashed
This is how I will always love you, (I'll always love you)
Is a life and waking our hearts in the dawing of new life Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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