Isn't Easy To Be Me lyrics - Prom Night

Isn't Easy To Be Me lyrics

Isn't Easy To Be Me


Oh I wish that all my wishin stop
and that the wishin would just come true
Cause when I finally find my mind deep inside
I know its right

Tell me does it feel the same way for you

Cause It drives me insane
tryin to care about
what other people are thinking
tryin to please everyone but me

I can take much more


It isnt easy
to sit back, watch from the sidelines
It isnt easy
to hide all my feelings inside
Wonderin if I've done the right thing
Or wrecked up my life
It isnt easy to be me


Tell me how you know, when you think you know
That you've reached the point
Your finally trying to hard

It's that point when youre gonna sacrifice
who you really are
and you get lost, caught up and talk


Why do I feel it's always me
the ones whos different
why am I outside of the tracks
theres got to be more


So I'll run fast
turn left
then I'll run some more

I've got to save
my heart
from its hurt before
and I wont stop
till I am sure

Thatthat you be hurting
I'm not of your age
no possibility
that you'll be hurting me
No more


It isnt easy to smile
when I'm just feelin down


Or to say what feel
around everyone else


Wanna throw out the rules
but I still compromise

It isnt easy to be sometimes

Oh how I wish that all my wishin would STOP! Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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