Producers synopsis

Producers synopsis

Producers Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the musical starts with the failed version of “Hamlet”. The performance is closed after the first night. The creator tells about his talents and past achievements. He claims that he will do his best next time and return to form. The accountant visits his office for auditing. Suddenly an old and wealthy woman comes to the main character. In a seducing game, he convinces her to invest some money in his next play. We also find out that the accountant has always dreamt of becoming a Broadway producer. He tells that there is a mistake in the main character’s books. After some minutes of persuading, he agrees to hide these facts.

The main hero understands that failed shows are much more profitable, as you can keep lots of money. He offers a scheme to the accountant. He proposes to hire the worst director and actors, choose the worst play and get two million – one for each of them. After the performance is closed on Broadway, they can escape. But the accountant refuses. After being humiliated by his boss, the book-keeper keeps dreaming about becoming a producer. He decides to support the main hero in his plan. They are looking for the worst play. They finally find one about Hitler. They are sure it will offend everyone. They cone to the author to get a right for staging. The producers make him to sign a contract. Then they visit the worst director, who is also a homosexual. They convince him to participate by promising great success. The director asks to change the second act in order to make the Germans winners of the war. The main character is searching for money. They also hire a new beautiful secretary. The book-keeper starts to fall in love with her.

We observe the audition. The author of the play is chosen to act as Hitler. But he breaks his leg. The director takes his place on the stage. The producers watch their disastrous spectacle. But the director’s play looks as satire, and people start talking about the performance. The two men start fighting being upset with the result. The author is angry with the director’s acting and comes with a pistol. The main character proposes to kill the actors. The writer is arrested as well as the main hero. His accounting books are taken for inspection. The accountant manages to hide. The secretary offers him to run away with the money. They send a postcard to the prison, which makes the leading character feel betrayed. Then they appear in the court to save him. Both producers are sent to prison, where they create a new musical. It becomes a hit, which turns them into the kings of Broadway.
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