Producers review

Producers review

Producers Review - Broadway musical

The musical, which became an adaptation of the movie, gained even more success. Both West End and Broadway productions broke the box-office sales records. Not all the critics were impressed by the spectacle. Some of them said it was a bit old-fashioned. But everyone agrees that it is full of fun, which allows not to pay attention to the negative features.

The staging is different from the film in some details. Lots of jokes are taken from it. But the key differences lie in the time of action – it is 1968 in the movie and 1959 in the musical, the sum of money, which has originally been one million and turns into two, the author of the play is portrayed more sympathetically and the beautiful secretary has more essential role. In general, the spectacle has become more positive compared to the movie version.

Mel Brooks, who is one of the creators of the musical and the author of the film, is a master of comedy. He is considered one of the most successful directors and composers, which is one of the reasons, why the show has appeared to be so popular. His works have received plenty of awards, including Oscar, Grammy and Emmy. This staging was not an exception, winning a record of 12 Tony Awards (out of 15 nominations). It has also got 10 Drama Desk Awards. It is an achievement of the director – Susan Stroman as well.

Broadway production managed to gather $3 million and later (during the limited run) $3.5 million in a single day. It was able to break its own record. It is worth watching not just because of funny and interesting plot and creative songs. The design of costumes is very accurate. It reflects the time of action and creates the necessary atmosphere. William Ivey Long made his best and won a Tony Award for the Broadway performance. His costumes might be found on display at Costume World Broadway Collection in Florida.

The work of actors is overwhelming. Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are so amazing in their roles. They make the audience laugh. Being fraudsters according to the storyline, they are able to make people like them laugh anyway. It is also unusual and amusing to see, how they perform on the stage and sing being great film actors. Their voices turn to be fantastically beautiful. The show is so finely created that everyone should watch it. It is not only the collection of stars, but a very talented work of gifted people.
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