Pretty Faces synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. 42-32-42
  2. We're Taking Chances
  3. Too Plump For Prom Night
  4. Spot Light Solos 
  5. How Do You Like Your Men 
  6. Furs Fortune Fame Glamour 
  7. Talk Of The Tabloids 
  8. Heartbreaker 
  9. What's Missing In My Life 
  10. Midnight Munchies 
  11. The Interviews 
  12. Sleep Walkers Lament Duet 
  13. Pretty Faces 
  14. My Daddy Doesn't Care 
  15. Sleep Walkers Lament 
  16. Don't Talk Dirty
  17. Waiting For The Curtain 
  18. Global Glamour GIrls 
  19. Twirling For Jesus
  20. Are You The One 
  21. Woman That I Am 
  22. Purple Hearted Soldiers
  23. On With The Show 
  24. Tears & Tears Ago 
  25. What's Missing In My Life 
  26. This Moment Is Mine 
  27. Finale & Winners Walk 

Pretty Faces synopsis

Pretty Faces Synopsis - Broadway musical

The story of the musical is concentrated on the life of a plain girl. She is the one, who is frequently called 'a girl next door’. She wants to change her life and become famous. Once she receives a fantastic opportunity. The girl is invited to take part in a show, which is created especially for the plus-size women. Being plump, she becomes a perfect candidate. Throughout the spectacle, we can observe, how she is being transformed. Her story looks as if she is Cinderella, who becomes a princess.

All the moments are precisely displayed in this staging. First, the girl’s contest and rehearsals are featured. And finally, we see a moment of crowing. Other characters are showed here as well. There are two celebrities, who is constantly quarrelling, a stage manager, who has troubles with love, a beautiful rich girl from the South and a spoiled wealthy woman. All the heroes are colorful and interesting. Their lives are important for the storyline. But the life of the main heroine is still the most essential. All the rest are just secondary. The viewers will see the world of glamour, but from the other angle.
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