Porgy and Bess synopsis

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  1. Introduction and Jasbo Brown Blues Introduction and Jasbo Brown Blues Video
  2. Summertime
  3. Oh, Nobody Knows When de Lord Is Gonna Call Oh, Nobody Knows When de Lord Is Gonna Call Video
  4. A Woman is a Sometime Thing
  5. Here Come de Honey Man; Porgy's Entrance Here Come de Honey Man; Porgy's Entrance Video
  6. Here Comes Big Boy! Here Comes Big Boy! Video
  7. Oh Little Stars, Little Stars Oh Little Stars, Little Stars Video
  8. Wake Up an' Hit It Out Wake Up an' Hit It Out Video
  9. Gone, Gone, Gone Gone, Gone, Gone Video
  10. Overflow Overflow Video
  11. Well, Well, Well, a Saucer-Burying-Setup Well, Well, Well, a Saucer-Burying-Setup Video
  12. My Man's Gone Now
  13. How de Saucer Stan' Now, My Sister? How de Saucer Stan' Now, My Sister? Video
  14. Leavin' for the Promise' Lan' 
  15. It Takes a Long Pull to Get There
  16. Mus' Be You Mens Forgot About de Picnic Mus' Be You Mens Forgot About de Picnic Video
  17. I Got Plenty o' Nuttin
  18. Lissen There, What I Tells You Lissen There, What I Tells You Video
  19. I Hates Yo' Struttin' Style I Hates Yo' Struttin' Style Video
  20. Mornin' Lawyer Mornin' Lawyer Video
  21. Dey's a Buckra Comin' Dey's a Buckra Comin' Video
  22. Buzzard Keep on Flying
  23. Lo, Bess, Goin' to the Picnic? Lo, Bess, Goin' to the Picnic? Video
  24. Bess, You Is My Woman
  25. Oh, I Can't Sit Down
  26. What's de Matter Wid You, Sister? What's de Matter Wid You, Sister? Video
  27. I Ain't Got No Shame I Ain't Got No Shame Video
  28. It Ain't Necessarily So
  29. Dance; Shame on All You Sinners Dance; Shame on All You Sinners Video
  30. Crown! Crown! Video
  31. What you want wid Bess
  32. Lemme Go, Hear dat Boat Lemme Go, Hear dat Boat Video
  33. Honey, dat's All de Breakfast I Got Time for Honey, dat's All de Breakfast I Got Time for Video
  34. Take Yo' Hands off Me, I Say Take Yo' Hands off Me, I Say Video
  35. Oh, Doctor Jesus
  36. Strawberry Woman; Honey Man; Crab Man Strawberry Woman; Honey Man; Crab Man Video
  37. Now de Time, Oh, Gawd Now de Time, Oh, Gawd Video
  38. I Love You, Porgy
  39. Why You Been Out on That Wharf So Long, Clara? Why You Been Out on That Wharf So Long, Clara? Video
  40. Oh, Doctor Jesus (Hurricane Scene)/Summertime (Reprise) Oh, Doctor Jesus (Hurricane Scene)/Summertime (Reprise) Video
  41. What Make You So Still, Bess; Oh, Dere's Somebody Knockin' What Make You So Still, Bess; Oh, Dere's Somebody Knockin' Video
  42. You Is a Nice Parcel of Christians You Is a Nice Parcel of Christians Video
  43. A Red-Headed Woman
  44. Jack's Boat Is de River Jack's Boat Is de River Video
  45. Clara, Clara Clara, Clara Video
  46. You Low-Lived Skunk You Low-Lived Skunk Video
  47. Summertime (Reprise) ; Death of Crown Summertime (Reprise) ; Death of Crown Video
  48. Wait For Us at the Corner, Al Wait For Us at the Corner, Al Video
  49. What Is Your Name? What Is Your Name? Video
  50. Oh, Gawd! They Goin' Make Him Look on Crown's Face! Oh, Gawd! They Goin' Make Him Look on Crown's Face! Video
  51. There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soon for New York
  52. Catfish Row Interlude Catfish Row Interlude Video
  53. Good Mornin', sistuh! Good Mornin', brudder! Good Mornin', sistuh! Good Mornin', brudder! Video
  54. It's Porgy Comin' Home It's Porgy Comin' Home Video
  55. Oh, Bess, Oh, Where's My Bess
  56. Bess Is Gone Bess Is Gone Video
  57. O Lawd, I'm On My Way

Porgy and Bess synopsis

Porgy and Bess Synopsis - Broadway musical

The citizens of the Cat?sh Row neighborhood are relaxing in the Charleston heat. Clara comforts her baby with a lullaby while a group of men throw dice. Crown, a hot-headed drug addict, joins the game of craps. In a drunken ?t of passion, Crown kills another gambler, then ?ees the scene, leaving his lover Bess behind. As the crowd waits for the police, only Porgy, a disabled beggar, is kind to Bess.

A month later, Porgy and Bess have found happiness together. Bess refuses dope from the drug dealer Sportin’ Life, who invites her to go to New York with him; Porgy chases Sportin’ Life away from Bess. Bess and the community enjoy a church picnic on nearby Kittiwah Island; Porgy stays behind in Cat?sh Row. When it is time to catch the steamboat home from Kittiwah, Bess is cornered by Crown, who has been hiding on the island since the murder. Crown wants Bess to come away with him, but Bess explains that she’s with Porgy now. Crown won’t take no for an answer.

A week has passed; a storm is on the horizon. Bess has been feverish since her return from Kittiwah Island. Bess tells Porgy that she can’t refuse Crown if he comes for her; Porgy tells Bess that he will protect her. The next day, the residents of Cat?sh Row gather to pray for safety from the oncoming hurricane. There is a knock at the door: Crown has come to claim Bess. The group watches a boat capsize and Crown rushes out to try to save a drowning man.

The following evening, the women mourn for those lost in the storm. They assume Crown is among the dead, but that night he sneaks back to steal Bess away. Porgy kills Crown and is taken to jail. Sportin’ Life takes advantage of Porgy’s absence and tempts Bess into taking dope. A week later, Porgy returns from jail to ?nd that Bess has gone to New York with Sportin’ Life. Undaunted, Porgy sets out in search of Bess.
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