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Album lyrics:
  1. I'm on My Way
  2. Rumson 
  3. What's Goin' On Here? 
  4. I Talk to the Trees
  5. They Call the Wind Maria
  6. I Still See Elisa
  7. How Can I Wait? How Can I Wait? Video
  8. In Between 
  9. Whoop-Ti-Ay
  10. Carino Mio 
  11. There's a Coach Comin' In
  12. Hand Me Down That Can o'Beans
  13. Another Autumn 
  14. All for Him 
  15. Wand'rin' Star

Paint Your Wagon review

Paint Your Wagon Review - Broadway musical

The musical has not become a popular representative of own genre – A. J. Lerner & F. Loewe could not repeat the success that accompanied their earlier work, set on Broadway in 1947. Despite the fact that the theme of the Gold Rush was quite interesting for the audience, the plot, according to critics, was the weak point of this work. Choreography by A. de Mille many reviewers have noted as a very decent and glamorous. Subsequently, based on dances, set for this musical, ballet ‘Gold Rush’ was created. The performance was sufficiently favorable perceived by the audience – in 1951, it became the loudest novelty of the season. But in the future, this musical was no longer appearing on Broadway. When in 1969 was carried out an adaptation for TV, its plot has undergone quite significant changes. Actors that have been involved in the film (Clint Eastwood, L. Marvin, J. Seberg and others), performed all of their songs themselves. But the film received mostly negative critical reviews.

The variant of 2004, which was based on an adapted version of the script, made a good impression on reviewers. In this work were the same characters, but the story line has been completely redone. Lighting and scenery by Daniel Ionazzi immersed the audience into the world of the miners of the XIX century. The special effect produced authentic pictures of miners, which were shown in the background of the scene. The original version of the play entered the Encores! 2015 – within the framework of this program were shown old performances, which rarely appear on the stage. Screenplay was adapted by M. Acito. Critics praised the vocal and choreographic performance of the actors involved in the formulation, very high. K. Carradine very organically looked in the role of Ben. In the musical participated also J. Guarini. This young man came in second place in the project named ‘American Idol’.
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