Newsies synopsis

Newsies synopsis

Newsies Synopsis - Broadway musical

1889. Jack told to his acquainted with a disability Crutchie about own dream to visit Santa Fe. The boy lived with his friends, newspapermen. Many of them were homeless orphans. They started working in the early morning. By purchasing the newspaper for sale, Jack met Davey & his little brother Les. The boys began to be newspapermen to help their father – there was an accident, after which the man was fired. Realizing that young age can help Les to sell newspapers, Jack offered help to brothers.

Publisher Joseph Pulitzer decided to increase the cost of printed materials, purchased by distributors. When they began to sell newspapers, they have been discovered & began to be pursued by the warden from the center for young offenders. Comrades have found shelter in the Medda Larkin theater. She was a friend of Jack – the young man drew for her backdrops of decorations. There a newspaperman noted journalist Katherine. He wanted to flirt with her, but she ignored his efforts.

On the morning, teenagers found out that the cost of 100 newspapers increased by 10 cents. They rebelled & began to strike. Their leader became Jack. This was watched by Katherine. She decided to write an article about the protests. Soon, the young man could not motivate the newsmen any longer, but with the help of Davey he managed to find the right words to continue. They called on comrades to prevent the sales of Pulitzer’s publishing. The strike ended when adolescents were confronted by police & strikebreakers. In the dispersal of protesters, they captured Crutchie. Jack could not afford to forgive it to himself. Katherine in morning showed strikers a newspaper article about their performances. Girl with Davey & Les found hiding Jack. He was painting the theater’s backdrop of Santa Fe. Davey & Katherine decided what the next step of the strikers would be. Jack refused to take part in it. Davey reminded him of Crutchie – to save him they had to take the risk. Eventually, Jack agreed.

Publisher & the warden of the Center were talking about the leader of the strikers. They have been overheard by Katherine. She learned that the young man had been arrested for theft. Soon he ran out of the center for young offenders. Jack came to the newspaper – he confronted to Joseph Pulitzer. During the conversation, it became clear that the tycoon was the father of Katherine. She tried to apologize to Jack because of her reticence, but he just got mad at her. Pulitzer offered the young man a compromise – he will stop the strike & in return the charges will be removed & he will be given with money to move to Santa Fe. Otherwise, he will be placed back into the center for young criminals. When Jack told his comrades that they should accept the proposal of tycoon, they were shocked. Later, the young man met with Katherine. Having criticized Jack, she noticed the drawings, which depicted violence prevailing in the center for young offenders. She realized that the young man stole food & clothing to help these boys. Katherine admitted Jack in love. It turned out that their feelings were mutual. Katherine, Jack & other adolescents have organized their own publication. Newspaper of distributors came to the Governor Theodore Roosevelt, who supported their demands.

Mogul decided to compromise with Jack. The young man offered Pulitzer to buy out newspapers that were not sold during the day by distributors. Published hardly walked this step. Soon Crutchie was released. Center’s warden was arrested. Pulitzer offered Jack to work at him as political cartoonist, but at first, Jack refused. Learning that the young man wanted to go to Santa Fe, Katherine decided to go with him. After that, Jack took the publisher's offer & stayed with a girl in New York.
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