Newsies review

Newsies review

Newsies Review - Broadway musical

Musical dedicated to struggle between distributors of newspapers and their publisher, which raised the price of production. Young newspapermen lived only at the expense of the money they received from these sales. For them, the rise in price of 100 newspapers in 10 cents was a real disaster. Citizens would be unlikely to buy more expensive newspapers, so the publisher has decided to compensate own costs by distributors. Youth perturbation resulted in protests and strike. Jack inspired them to take this step, who also could not reconcile with the demands of the capitalist. At first, the protesters acted spontaneously, but then they began to follow the words of their leader. The newspapermen refused to distribute the product of the publisher at the new price. But even losses did not cause him to change his mind. Despite the resistance of the strikers, there were those teens who started to sell newspapers at the new price. When the police intervened in the case, it became clear that the idea of influence on the publisher has failed. But young people did not obey to the situation. The children created their own newspaper, which came to the governor. He influenced the publisher, and so he had to make concessions to the distributors.

The desire of people to fight for their rights was especially evident in the late XIX century. In those years, all over the world organized many political movements. Therefore, the violent reaction of young distributors is consistent with the spirit of the time. Bereft of home and family adolescents are particularly sensitive to the impairment of their already low financial capacity. For them, it was not simply lost in profits – they may be deprived of possibility to buy enough food to survive for another day. Journalist Katherine understood their extremely difficult situation. Despite the fact that she was from a wealthy family, she realized how hard life young newspapermen led. Own admiration for their desire to seek justice journalist expressed in her article. Even the fact that the distributors have struggled with her father did not stop Katherine. She well understood injustice committed by Pulitzer in relation to the young newspapermen. To fight against the greed of her father added romantic feelings that she began to feel to the leader of the strikers.

Young actors perfectly embodied on stage the fighting spirit of newsmen for their rights. Their rapid dances are full of enthusiasm and fire, and vocal compositions help viewers even more imbue with the situation faced by young people. Mastery of talented artists is particularly impressive when they jointly perform sophisticated choreography. Each musical composition allows the audience to feel the passion and the persistence of the main characters in the play. The quest for justice is the main message of this performance. Despite the fact that the newspapermen were able to achieve it only with the support of powerful governor, future US President, they gave hope to others saying that everyone should defend own rights, not to give up when a difficult situation occurs. Hot heart and youth will help achieve lots in this life!
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