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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Orchestral Prelude: "When Out on the River" 
  3. We're Goin' Fishin' 
  4. A Pilot on the Mississippi 
  5. Welcome to Paris 
  6. The Can-Can 
  7. Roughing It 
  8. National Lecture Tour 
  9. The Skating Madrigal 
  10. I Know There's a Place 
  11. The House on the Hill 
  12. Act 2
  13. The Camelot Rag 
  14. Round the World Lecture Tour 
  15. Russian Dance 
  16. When Out on the River 
  17. Let's Give the Folks a Taste of Royalty 
  18. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Swing Low, Sweet Chariot Video
  19. Men of Oxford 
  20. Finale: I Know There's a Place; Homeward Bound 

Mr. Mark Twain review

Mr. Mark Twain Review - Broadway musical

Musical creators initially refused to pursue goals such as commercial success, receiving various kinds of awards and prizes. The main objective of the project was to tell the audience the story of one of the most iconic writers of American literature, Mark Twain. Every person knows his name, but not all are familiar with facts from the biography of the novelist. Staging created to consolidate the existing knowledge of the audience and significantly increase them. Based on the foregoing, it becomes clear why the director Dennis Rosa did not limit the scope of his creation with one theater and demonstrated it in more than 50 cities in America during the touring company.

In order not to stuff to the eyeballs the audience with dry biography, directors significantly diversified the narrative line and included in it the scenes from the popular works of Mark Twain. In particularly, we are talking about a variety of theatrical cameos from the novels with Tom Sawyer. This fact significantly increases the value of the cultural performance and diversifies it. The life of a writer can hardly be called fun, and because of these scenes, the audience laughs, the atmosphere of drama on scene dilutes.

Mark Twain was an outstanding personality, and therefore his embodiment on stage was entrusted to an experienced actor. Him was William Perley. He smartly coped with his work, literally fitting in the image of the writer. The rest of the performers also did their best, though they devoted to stage time not many efforts. It is logical that in this situation to the foreground come costumes, scenery and other elements. The picture was a little pretentious, but not less magnificent from that. A variety of scenery prop amazes: the modest apartment, wide deck of the ship, where Twain worked and travelled extensively in the South US… They most accurately convey the frequent change of the situations in the life of the novelist, as well as the huge number of places, which he was lucky to behold. Thanks to these creations, people have the opportunity to get acquainted with this person, one of the greatest literary figures in history. Millions of people know the story of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, but now they can clearly see the way of life of creator of many aforementioned characters.
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