Million Dollar Quartet synopsis

Million Dollar Quartet Synopsis - Broadway musical

This musical is based on real events. At the end of 1956, at Memphis Recording Studios Sun Records there was a wonderful meeting. December 4 there arrived the future rock'n'roll legends: C. Perkins, E. Presley, J. Cash and J. L. Lewis. They were going to work on their new works. Sam Philips talks about this unusual evening when four extremely talented musicians took part in a unique jam session.

Carl Perkins – already well-known artist – should have in that day to record a song with novice singer Jerry Lee Lewis. In the evening, 21-year-old Elvis Presley with his girlfriend came to the studio. Johnny Cash, who at the time was writing songs, was asked to visit the owner of Sun Records. Sam Philips would like to conclude with him a new three-year contract, as the existing one would have expired in the nearest future. He did not know yet that the singer has signed already a deal with Columbia Records studio. Johnny Cash has not yet time to tell the news to the person who helped him in creating and advancement of his career.

Sam remembered the story of becoming a famous artist. Future legend of rock'n'roll began his career in the music business at the Sun Records. But, despite this, the company still was keeping afloat difficultly. Soon Sam Philips was forced to sell the contract of Elvis Presley to RCA studio. His main hope to improve the company's business with the help of Johnny Cash hadn’t justified. At this time, young artists, helping each other, began to record their songs. In some works of the singer, Dyanne has been involved on backing vocals. Many things were created impromptu. During the recording session, the quartet of musicians played a large number of future rock'n'roll hits. Almost all the songs became very popular later.
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