Million Dollar Quartet review

Million Dollar Quartet Review - Broadway musical

As soon as it comes to such genre as rock and roll, in memory immediately occur the names of legendary singers: Elvis, Jerry L. Lewis, C. Perkins, Johnny Cash and others. F. Mutrux & C. Escott decided to remind the younger generation about the contribution of these people to the world's music. By creating own musical, the authors have told everyone about the wonderful rock'n'roll’s flow. Recording the songs by a unique team, which included Presley, Lewis, Cash and Perkins, had to become a masterpiece, which pleased millions. Rock and roll performances of those days recorded by legendary musicians sound till today, but most people would like to see live what was happening then on the Sun Records studio. This histrionics helps to present a fiery music situation that prevailed when the future hits were recorded.

Deciding to watch this spectacular, the audience actually gets onto the concert, on which sounds the world-famous songs. Leading actors fully included in the images of legendary musicians. Due to such impact, they are able to bring a hundred percent on the stage of energetic rock-and-roll spirit. Hot rhythms reveal the atmosphere of XX century to people of nowadays just as they did with the generation of the 50s. To depict these stars on Broadway, producers picked wonderful artists. Due to voices of E. Clendening, L. Guest, L. Kreis & R. B. Lyons, they fantastically impersonated famous singers, whose images they embodied on stage. The energy flowing from that performers, allows the viewer to immerse in the early days of rock'n'roll.

Thanks to the 6th sense of the owner of Sun Records studio, world could learn about many unique musicians who have become legends. Mr. Phillips was able to catch new trends – unusual melodies created in the 50s, found understanding in this person. Over the years, rock'n'roll did not lose its positions. Even after the arrival of new rhythms and new wave, one of bright representative of which was recently deceased David Bowie, fans continued to listen to R’n’R. People could not imagine their lives without this heart-felt music. Passion and vigorous boiling of rock'n'roll tunes never allow to sit still. These rhythms resonate, forcing you to move in pace with the music.

The upcoming musical’s display is planned on the stages of many theaters in the 2016-2017. Effervescent spectacle and energetic music will bring a lot of fun to the fans of this genre and to lovers of great music in general.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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