Milk And Honey synopsis

Milk And Honey synopsis

Milk And Honey Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the musical takes place in Jerusalem, where an American man is visiting his daughter and her husband. Everything starts with the scene, where a boy is ordered by a policeman to take away his sheep from the road. The American decides to take his side. At this very moment, he meets a woman from the US, who is travelling. She likes his Hebrew very much.

They start spending much time together. They also celebrate the Independence Day in Israel. Their relations get more serious than just friendship. That’s why the man starts to worry about it, as he has a wife, even though they’ve been separated for several years. It seems to him unfair to continue the communication with the woman. Nevertheless, his daughter likes her, and together they go to the farm. While on the farm, the man is trying to convince his daughter to go back home. However, her husband is strongly against it and expresses his love and devotion to his native country. His neighbors support him. At the same time, the American man also understands that he has already fallen in love. He asks the woman to stay and even wants to build a house for them in this place.

The widows, with whom the woman has been travelling, come to the farm. They want to find good husbands, but all the males appear to be married already. The man reveals his feelings towards the woman, but his daughter convinces him to tell her that he has a wife. They visit a wedding and finally go off together.

The man loves the place, where he is. He decides to work with the other farmers. Suddenly, the daughter tells him that his woman has run away after understanding the consequences of their relations. He wants her back and goes to Tel Aviv. Meanwhile the husband of the daughter understands, his wife wants to return to the US, and finally agrees. The man cannot find a woman. Besides, an inner conflict begins inside him. He finally decides, it is not right to be with her, and asks her to leave, when she comes back. Then we see a final scene at the airport. The man promises to divorce and come back. The woman hopes for the better.
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