Me and Juliet synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. A Very Special Day A Very Special Day Video
  3. That's the Way It Happens That's the Way It Happens Video
  4. Dance Impromptu 
  5. Overture to Me and Juliet 
  6. Opening of Me and Juliet 
  7. Marriage Type Love Marriage Type Love Video
  8. Keep It Gay Keep It Gay Video
  9. The Big Black Giant The Big Black Giant Video
  10. No Other Love
  11. Dance 
  12. It's Me It's Me Video
  13. First Act Finale 
  14. Act 2
  15. Intermission Talk 
  16. It Feels Good 
  17. We Deserve Each Other We Deserve Each Other Video
  18. I'm Your Girl 
  19. Second Act Finale 
  20. Finale 

Me and Juliet synopsis

Me and Juliet Synopsis - Broadway musical

On the stage of a Broadway theater, there will be a show of the new musical ‘Me & Juliet’. For half an hour before the start of play, illuminator Bob is absent. His girlfriend Jeanie, choir member, & the second employee of the scene are extremely dissatisfied with this fact. Sidney doubted that the singer has to marry such a man. When she went away, Bob appeared. He admitted to Sidney, that's not going to marry Jeanie. Singer saw as Bob applied force to the second illuminator. She had another fan – assistant director Larry. The director Mac was looking through rehearsal of this musical, where the main character of the play was telling about his two girls. He was ready to marry Juliet, but not Carmen – she frightened him. Bob & Sidney watched the show from lighting walkways. The next day, Jeanie on insistence of Larry auditioned for the role of Juliet as an understudy. Mac warned his assistant that he should not mix work & personal relationships. It soon became clear that the role of Carmen got a friend of director. The news cheered Larry, but caused great dissatisfaction in Mac.

A few months passed. Jeanie became understudy of Lily, played the role of Juliet, & begun to meet Larry secretly. They accidentally were spotted in the cafe, so about their affair everyone knew except Bob. Mac left his girlfriend in order to not mix work & personal life. But he was still attracted to Betty. Her performance watched Bob & Sidney, located on the sidewalks. During the conversation, the illuminator accidentally found out the truth about the relationship between Jeanie & Larry. Bob demanded evidence & Sidney told him to pay attention to what happens during the final of musical’s act 1. Illuminator saw how reached behind-the-scenes with a bunch of flowers Jeanie kissed Larry. Mac quickly realized the danger of this situation. He sent his assistant, & handed back the flowers to Jeanie, sending her to the stage. Bob began to chase the girl. All the participants of the musical realized that the disaster approaches. Soon lighter thrown a sandbag from the bridges. He got into a bunch of flowers, which Jeanie held. Mac lowered the curtain in panic. Almost no one in the audience noticed anything unusual. Bob unsuccessfully sought couple-in-love throughout the building. Then he took a seat at the bar, located in front of the doors nearby the theater to see people coming out.

At this time began the second act of musical. Jeanie & Larry were hiding in the director's office. When Mac & lovers explained about what is happening, Bob got in the room through a window, hearing familiar voices from the street. Fight began, someone grabbed a girl & Larry stood on her defense. In the fight, Bob fell awkwardly, hitting his head the radiator & lost consciousness. The Manager sent Jeanie & Larry to the scene to continue the play. When Mac & Bob woke up, illuminator was informed that in the morning lovers got married. The man was struck by the news. Soon he left the office. Mac went after Bob, to track his path. The director was transferred to other histrionics. Now, for the love of Mac & Betty would be no obstacles. After acting, Larry began rehearsals of a scene from the play. Bob apologized, explaining that he did not know about marriage of Larry & Jeanie. Participants of the show congratulated the young couple, & then the rehearsal continued. After Lily’s departure, Jeanie became a performer of the title role.
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