Me and Juliet review

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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. A Very Special Day A Very Special Day Video
  3. That's the Way It Happens That's the Way It Happens Video
  4. Dance Impromptu 
  5. Overture to Me and Juliet 
  6. Opening of Me and Juliet 
  7. Marriage Type Love Marriage Type Love Video
  8. Keep It Gay Keep It Gay Video
  9. The Big Black Giant The Big Black Giant Video
  10. No Other Love
  11. Dance 
  12. It's Me It's Me Video
  13. First Act Finale 
  14. Act 2
  15. Intermission Talk 
  16. It Feels Good 
  17. We Deserve Each Other We Deserve Each Other Video
  18. I'm Your Girl 
  19. Second Act Finale 
  20. Finale 

Me and Juliet review

Me and Juliet Review - Broadway musical

Musical can be attributed to rare stories about the backstage of the world of theater. Especially looks original the idea of displaying performance within the performance. The life of an artist or employee of the scene is not easy. The situation, in which Jeanie was involved, demanded from the girl making a serious decision. It was hard to tell Bob that their relationship leads to nothing. She decided on a cunning trick, when she found her true love. She could quite easily mislead her former friend. But when her interrelation with another man became apparent to Bob, a tragedy almost occurred. Only luck helped the singer to stay alive. Usually calm assistant of director showed qualities of a fighter, when the danger began to threaten to his beloved. Fate was once again on the side of Jeanie and Larry – if Bob did not hit his head on the battery, it is unknown with what the men’s fight would have ended. Love triumphed in the musical not only for this pair. Stubborn director and his girlfriend also found a way out of the difficult situation, which allowed them to resume their relationships.

As one of the authors noted with humor, this is the first show where nobody dies. Despite the fairly lightweight plot, staging lasted almost a year. Backstage of the theater world was an issue of interest to many viewers. Although profits from the performance turned out to be small, it should not be called the flop completely. One song from the musical became a hit immediately after the premiere. It sounds still freshly after 63 years since its performance. Music of R. Rodgers is easy & pleasant, as always. The lyrics of the songs, despite their simplicity, resonate with every heart. The original story of the musical allows to monitor all details of performance – from everyday rehearsals till the final show.

Initially, the audience did not even realize that the actors have already begun to play. They took the conversation of technicians entering the stage as preparation for the show. R. Rodgers and O. Hammerstein II did not begin with a musical overture not for nothing, but after such a reaction of the hall, they were forced to return it to the beginning. As one of the critics said, the authors were able to convey the true spirit of the work in the theater, which reigns behind the scenes. This allows us to assign this exhibition to productions that deserves the attention of the broad audience. Not all people can get behind the scenes to observe the daily life of all team. This allows to make a musical excursion to the mysterious world of the theater, usually inaccessible to the general public and to get familiar with people, about existence of whom you may have not even guessed.
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