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Videos from Matilda

Video for song: "Overture"
School Song
The Hammer
Chokey Chant (Audio only)
This Little Girl
When I Grow up
Video for song: "I'm Here"
The Smell of Rebellion
My House
Revolting Children
When I Grow Up (Reprise)

Matilda Lyrics

  1. Overture Lyrics
  2. Miracle Lyrics
  3. Naughty Lyrics
  4. School Song Lyrics
  5. Pathetic Lyrics
  6. The Hammer Lyrics
  7. The Chokey Chant Lyrics
  8. Loud Lyrics
  9. This Little Girl Lyrics
  10. Bruce Lyrics
  11. Telly Lyrics
  12. When I Grow up Lyrics
  13. I'm Here Lyrics
  14. The Smell of Rebellion Lyrics
  15. Quiet Lyrics
  16. My House Lyrics
  17. Chalk Writing Lyrics
  18. Revolting Children Lyrics
  19. When I Grow Up (Reprise) Lyrics
  20. Other Songs
  21. Story 1: Once Upon a Time? Lyrics
  22. Story 2: The Great Day Arrived? Lyrics
  23. Story 3: The Trick Started Well? Lyrics

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