Mame synopsis

Mame synopsis

Mame Synopsis - Broadway musical

Mame Dennis is in the center of the story – socialite, accustomed to luxury and other delights of bohemian life. Her whole story as if taken from the expensive Hollywood film. But once happens what the heroine obviously could not foresee. After the death of a cousin, his son Patrick aged 10 goes into the care of Aunt Mame. She doesn’t want to bring up a nephew in severity, and gives more freedom to little fellow, showing all the charm of really big wealth. She instills Patrick her beloved creed. It sounds something like this: life is a banquet & poorest mongrels die of hunger. Auntie says a nephew that he’ll understand the abovementioned later, at a time when he learns his true vocation.

In addition to these two people, the musical contains several other interesting characters. Among them the personal secretary of the socialite Agnes, part-time nanny-in-law; actress Vera, with a unique baritone – the best friend of Mame; Dwight – bailiff, who deals with the question of the property inheritance of father of Patrick. Suddenly, the main character faces the tragedy: during the Wall Street’s crash, she loses all her fortune. Mame is trying to get different kinds of job, but fail all the time. Despite this, a woman is in a good mood and always retains a refined sense of style.

After some time, the main character meets a representative aristocrat with a long sonorous name Beauregard Jackson Pickett Burnside. With characteristic lightheadedness, Mame marries this gentleman. It is difficult to judge about love (which isn’t here), but the plantations in Georgia worth millions of dollars definitely played a role. The trustees of the deceases brother of the woman require to take Patrick away from St. Boniface boarding school. Mame with Beauregard went on a long journey around the world. One day, when climbing a high mountain, tragedy happens – husband of the heroine brakes down and dies. She has returned home as a wealthy widow, whose opulence is estimated in number of seven-digits. Much to own disappointment, Mame discovers for herself complete change of Patrick. Now he is more like a pedantic snob who cares after a priggish girl named Gloria. Unable to undertake this, aunt quickly leads her nephew to feelings. The woman reminds him of all the things she had taught him as a child. Later she introduces Patrick with an attractive woman – his future wife Pegeen. The final scene of the musical shows the audience a little bit aged Mame, which is preparing to meet her grandson Peter. Who else but the main character is to teach the little boy the basics of a beautiful life?
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