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Album lyrics:
  1. How Far Can You See? 
  2. Banquet In Camelot 
  3. Tick Tock 
  4. Banquet In Camelot 
  5. The Curse 
  6. Not the Man He Was 
  7. Who Will Go? Who Will Go? Video
  8. Four Gifts 
  9. Fly! 
  10. What's So Great About Magic? 
  11. The Dance The Dance Video
  12. What Would I Do Without You? What Would I Do Without You? Video
  13. Remember And Imagine 
  14. I Remember 
  15. Banquet In Camelot 

Magic Tree House review

Magic Tree House Review - Broadway musical

Musicals creators prefer to work with complex dramatic or melodramatic projects most often. This gives them a chance to get on Broadway, to work with the stars of the first magnitude, and to receive the prestigious theater prizes like Tony Award or Drama Desk. But all these creations fit little for young audience that wants to see on the stage an exciting adventure, fairy tale characters and good old-fashioned happy ending. This theatrical is one out of few contemporary musicals that can enchant the younger generation. It certainly is not The Wizard Of Oz, but it also has all the characteristics to enter in the future the list of classic works of fairytales genre.

Unexpectedly for many, this histrionics received a strong vocal support. Absolutely everyone sings: from adults to young artists & performers of the main roles. The latter possess very strong vocals, which will long be remembered to viewers. It is best manifested in the lyrics of the composition What Would I Do Without You?, executed by charming Jack & Annie. Most of the compositions are entertaining and comical. In addition, a varied background of music also present that perfectly accentuates the atmosphere of every scene.

Lack of choreographic elements fully compensated by the presence of high-quality scenery and costumes. These both look very original. The fact that for this work the designers have not received nomination for any award is somewhat disappointing, and even outraging. Magic Tree House is perfect for viewing for a whole family. The project has an amazing ability to deliver goodness happening on the stage, even to adult viewers, who lost their belief in tales long ago. This may be the opportunity to get a few hours out of your everyday worries and simply enjoy a good and entertaining story.

Magic Tree House recreates on stage the dream of absolutely all children: departure in an unpredictable journey, meeting various fairy-tale characters, rushing to save the world from mysterious evil forces. For example, the creators of the show allowed younger generation to see, what are a friendship, mutual respect and courage. Such things are rare in the theater and on television for the adult audience. This once again reveals the great cultural value of this piece.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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