Magic Tree House synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. How Far Can You See? 
  2. Banquet In Camelot 
  3. Tick Tock 
  4. Banquet In Camelot 
  5. The Curse 
  6. Not the Man He Was 
  7. Who Will Go? Who Will Go? Video
  8. Four Gifts 
  9. Fly! 
  10. What's So Great About Magic? 
  11. The Dance The Dance Video
  12. What Would I Do Without You? What Would I Do Without You? Video
  13. Remember And Imagine 
  14. I Remember 
  15. Banquet In Camelot 

Magic Tree House synopsis

Magic Tree House Synopsis - Broadway musical

Who has not dreamed, being a child, to visit fairies world, to get acquainted with its unusual inhabitants & bravely pass through its dangers? Perhaps there is no such. At some point, main characters of the histrionics experience a huge responsibility. Siblings’ actions define the fate of the kingdom of Camelot, which has been ruled for many years by legendary Arthur. Guys require to head to Otherworld & to return with aqua taken from legendary Caldron of Memory & Imagination. There are no other path to get back joy & prosperity to the Kingdom. If our small characters will fail, Camelot will be lost forever & will be forgotten by people. Magic Tree House inhabitants risk even to be ruined.

On the way of Jack & Annie, variety of dangers is waiting. To pass them the main characters have to use all their courage & ingenuity. At certain times, they cannot do without the help of local residents. Some provide it in a very unexpected manner. Ultimately, the brother & sister are required to make the discovery that their memories tend to materialize in this magical world. It comes into play the real faerie…
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