Love Online synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Love Online 
  2. Nicest Person I've Never Met 
  3. How Did You Know? 
  4. You Must Have a Past 
  5. I Know What Happened 
  6. Sarah & Liza 
  7. Sarah's Christmas 
  8. Child in You 
  9. Where Does It Come From? 
  10. Old Man Cobb 
  11. Solid Gold 
  12. Are You Living With a Corpse? 
  13. Is It Easy for You? 
  14. Why Do You Call? 
  15. Stand up for Our Love 

Love Online synopsis

Love Online Synopsis - Broadway musical

Loneliness often comes close to the people of our time. Imperceptible at first glance, it always affects a person. It is difficult to find a soul mate among the faceless crowd, hurrying on their business. But looking for love, people try to do it by any means. Many of them come to dating sites, large numbers of which is in the Internet. The probability of finding true love there is small, but such a search does not cost much and there can be no heart disappointments. Sam is a businesswoman who is completely immersed in her work. Her whole life is divided by minutes. Any thoughts of Sam are related to how to perform own business better. She did not even think about personal life – she already has enough worries. But once in her soul penetrated loneliness. Suddenly Sam realized – work no longer brings her former joy. Soon she began to look for something that could fill the emptiness in her heart. She understands that only love is capable of it. But how to find a soul mate, if you don’t have free time at all?

She decided to start searching for a beloved in the Internet. She went on a dating site and registered there. Soon, men began to connect with Sam in the hope that she will pay attention to them. But she was interested in only one person. This stranger was Joe, who also decided to find love through the Internet. He came to the big city with the dream of becoming a rock star, but for now the young man barely making ends meet. He teaches hourly guitar lessons to earn money at least for the rental of his place. Loneliness in a strange city also prompted him to seek a kindred spirit. Having met in the virtual space, Sam and Joe began to develop their acquaintance. They began to think that to find true love on the Internet is indeed possible. But whether they take the risk to meet in reality? Or their affair will remain only as a random contact in the World Wide Web?

Young people do not realize that they are much closer to each other than they think – Sam and Joe live in the same building. Fate has done everything so they meet – the rest depends now only on our heroes.
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

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