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Album lyrics:
  1. Love Online 
  2. Nicest Person I've Never Met 
  3. How Did You Know? 
  4. You Must Have a Past 
  5. I Know What Happened 
  6. Sarah & Liza 
  7. Sarah's Christmas 
  8. Child in You 
  9. Where Does It Come From? 
  10. Old Man Cobb 
  11. Solid Gold 
  12. Are You Living With a Corpse? 
  13. Is It Easy for You? 
  14. Why Do You Call? 
  15. Stand up for Our Love 

Love Online review

Love Online Review - Broadway musical

The musical ‘Love Online’ represents the new relations that may be established between people in the early twenty-first century. Virtual reality helps in communication, but at the same time sets barriers that may be difficult to overcome. The main characters of the musical are single people who want to find happiness in their lives. They believe that they can rely only on the Internet with its vast number of users. Many sites offer services to find true love. But if they can replace the reality? Virtual meetings convenient if a person is very busy at work or has no extra time or money for dating. Or doesn’t want to get acquainted in person because he is cynical. But is it possible to really fall in love, communicating only through the Internet? If you do not see your interlocutor's eyes in reality, nor hear his or her laughter, how can you feel close to your half? Though the virtual communication has its advantages. The ability to know closer the person, not paying attention to the appearance, helps to understand better your interlocutor. Many people don’t give a difference to how their Internet-companion looks or smells like, if they are on a common wave. Honesty, it is the only important condition in the virtual communication. But you have to be cautious – even a small lie, said at the beginning of acquaintance, eventually becomes a huge lump of it, when you decide to meet in the reality.

Music of this performance perfectly conveys the complexity of communication between strangers. Daring and energetic, it can immediately become soft and enveloping, which together with the voices of the main singers, makes a good impression on the beholder. The original music is perfectly stored in the brains and then for a long time does not go out of memory. Romance is in almost every note of this work. The undercurrent desire to hear the voice of each other and to love is understood in Joe and Sam. Trying to find happiness through virtual dating sites, they do not know that fate has already taken care of their next meeting. And it has a lot of helpers who want to support young people in finding themselves. Perfectly conveyed atmosphere of loneliness makes the audience truly empathize the main characters. Elements of romantic comedy will not leave audience indifferent. Well-designed choreography allows the actors to embody their characters on the stage fully. Virtual reality has become part of our lives. But it will never replace alive communication between people. To build romance in the real world is better than everything. Only then it will be robust. True love knows no boundaries, you know.
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

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