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The music & lyrics were created by A. Milbern & N. Williams. Producer & choreographer – K. Antell. Director – A. Milbern. Staging of the musical took place in the UK. Fragments of the play were shown in Scenic Route Cabaret, Islington, in October 2009. In mid-September 2011, there was a premiere in Cordes Hall, Sunning hill. Roles played: S. Spencer, G. Phillips, A. Ramsden, J. Chapman, S. Sheu, A. Coghill among others.

In July 2012, romantic musical was shown in the theater of Starburst, Farnborough. Sainsbury Singers presented their own version of the play at Leighton Park Theatre stage. Musical was shown from October to November 2012. In this, acted H. Vayyard, S. Faulkner, T. Goodchild, M. Smith, N. Rouse, C. Howard, S. E. Nanfi, C. Faulkner and others. Music performed by: G. Kneggs, T. Newbury, A. Smith, M. Begg & J. Brown.

The musical was conceived by the authors during a meeting in Oxford, where they prepared another theatrical. N. Williams said to his friend A. Milbern about his idea to write a piece that would tell about romantic acquaintances via the Internet. The composer decided that a similar story in the UK will be in demand, and they hurried to create this histrionics.
Release date: 1997
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

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