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Album lyrics:
  1. Carry Me Home 
  2. Cold Cash 
  3. The Ballad of Falstaff 
  4. Texas Cattlemen 
  5. Prairie Moon 
  6. Caius's Theme 
  7. Throwdown in Windsor 
  8. Cowboy's Dream 
  9. Hard Times 
  10. World of Men 
  11. By Way of Frank Ford 
  12. Lone Star Love 
  13. A Man for the Age 
  14. Count on My Love 
  15. Code of the West 
  16. Quail Bagging 
  17. Texas Wind 
  18. The Wildcat Moan 
  19. The Ballad Of Falstaff (Reprise) 
  20. Lone Star Love (Reprise) 
  21. Dance Finale 

Lone Star Love review

Lone Star Love Review - Broadway musical

Falstaff in the Wild West is a very unusual spectacle. Moving the action of Shakespeare's play in Texas did not change the essence. Still fat cheater wants to live comfortably at his mistresses’ expense. But, as in the original work, he wasn’t successful in doing this venture. Wives of Texas’ cattlemen were much keener than he thought. The lesson they taught to would-be lover, he will remember for sure. That's just not so easy to change his nature. Therefore, retiring at the end from Windsor, the man still continues to be willing to "cool money and hot women."

The musical shows the personal relationship between the two pairs – Pages and Fords. If in the first family couple is in complete trust to each other, in the second the husband constantly jealous of his wife. The latter is afraid of becoming a cuckold, so he does not pay attention to the fact that Aggie loves him and is not going to cheat him.

The relation to marriage of daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Paige is revealed. She does not seek to marry the person wanted by them – her soul longs for true love to the elected person. And moonlit night on the prairie helps her find happiness. Faced with a singing cowboy, Miss fell in love with him with all her heart. Then she began to struggle with her parents and their husband candidates. Anne decided to defend her choice – love prompted that she was on the right track. Only after beholding the married couple, the girl's parents came to agreement with the new spouse of daughter.

The musical shows the life of the Wild West in a classical manner. Music reflects saloons time. Rollicking cowboy motifs are an integral part of the production. Stormy dances, sometimes passing into the fray of the classic saloon type, allow the actors to show their most extravagant parts. Lyrical theme of duo of cowboy and Miss gives the viewer the opportunity to enjoy not only the violent expression of the rest of the characters, but also a romantic line.

Created in the 80s of the twentieth century, now musical may seem obsolete. Jokes aimed at politicians of that time, not relevant today. The other storylines are still in-demand. Even now, ladies and gents wish to get away sometime from all. Modern married women still must be vigilant to avoid becoming a victim of cheating Falstaffs.
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