Lone Star Love (musical) (lyrics, songs)

Musical was created in the 1980s in Houston, Texas. Author was composing this work for a long time. J. Herrick wrote the score. The story was taken from the book by R. Horn & J. L. Haber. The heart of this is Shakespeare’s play Merry Wives of Windsor. They moved actions onto Wild West. All events occur in the small town of Texas.

The first off-Broadway exhibition of this histrionics held at Theatre of J. Houseman in New York. The performance lasted for about a year in 2004 – 2005. M. Bogdanov directed the production. Choreography – R. Skinner. The main roles were played by B. Leavell & J. O. Sanders.

Official premiere on Broadway supposed to be in early November 2007. But creators decided to provide first mid-September preview in other city. The histrionics lasted on 5th Avenue only for 11 days. It had much of changes comparing to the original. R. Skinner directed & choreographed. R. Quaid, R. Kachiolli, D. Hoti & L. Kennedy performed the leading roles. The performance received a lot of negative feedback that affected its fate. In late September 2007, it was officially announced that the November’s premiere of it won’t take place as musical has been considered unsuitable for Broadway because of the slow pace.
Release date: 2004
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Lone Star Love lyrics list

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  2. Cold Cash Lyrics   add
  3. The Ballad of Falstaff Lyrics   add
  4. Texas Cattlemen Lyrics   add
  5. Prairie Moon Lyrics   add
  6. Caius's Theme Lyrics   add
  7. Throwdown in Windsor Lyrics   add
  8. Cowboy's Dream Lyrics   add
  9. Hard Times Lyrics   add
  10. World of Men Lyrics   add
  11. By Way of Frank Ford Lyrics   add
  12. Lone Star Love Lyrics   add
  13. A Man for the Age Lyrics   add
  14. Count on My Love Lyrics   add
  15. Code of the West Lyrics   add
  16. Quail Bagging Lyrics   add
  17. Texas Wind Lyrics   add
  18. The Wildcat Moan Lyrics   add
  19. The Ballad Of Falstaff (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  20. Lone Star Love (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  21. Dance Finale Lyrics   add
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