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Little Night Music Review - Broadway musical

The famous film of director Ingmar Bergman inspired the composer Stephen Sondheim to create unique songs to musical called “Little Night Music”. H. Wheeler wrote the script for this play. History of the Swedish actress and her lover is happening at the very beginning of the XX century. The woman tried to deal with her personal relationships, knowing that she had missed something important in her life. Lover, to which the actress was strongly attached, left her many years ago. The man, who was now well received in her bedroom, wasn’t free and woman knew that. He obviously was not going to divorce his wife, to offer his mistress hand and heart. Tired of the emptiness of such relationship, the woman decided to return to her former lover, whom she met again unexpectedly. The lawyer did not know that 13 years ago he has become a father of a nice daughter. Being in suspense of intimate relationship with his young wife, the man couldn’t stand to meet with the actress, presenting him so much joy before, when their roads were crosses again.

Tart and a little sad love is felt throughout the spectacular. But such feeling is better than a complete void in the soul. The actress has already experienced fame and loneliness. Now she was looking for someone who could give her true love. Many years have passed since the man left the woman. A new meeting has revived seemingly completely extinguished feelings. Even the presence of the young couple did not become an obstacle to visit the former lover. Amazing woman was still beautiful. The past years have not affected her beauty and charm. The choice for man was quite difficult, but it is quite clear – people are always drawn to love, in whatever form. If the heart has re-experienced romantic feeling, it is senseless to resist – it will still prevail.

The motives of love sound differently in this musical. They may be sad, passionate and even comical. Irresistible desire of flight soon passes away leaving the flow of memories. This performance particularly reveals the depth of human relationships. The musical work consists of 3/4 waltz rhythms. Those are its clear advantage –against this background, other songs start to sound more vigorously. Waltz motifs perfectly superimposed on the general narrative line, saying goodbye to gloomy past. But there is hope for a better future. Even the quiet death of an elderly woman does not cause heavy feelings – there is just a light sadness over the fact that time spent on Earth by such a wise person has already ended. She managed to pass to her granddaughter the most important issue – you should always go for the call of your heart, no matter where your way brings you eventually.
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