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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Forest Rangers 
  3. Little Mary Sunshine Little Mary Sunshine Video
  4. Look for a Sky of Blue Look for a Sky of Blue Video
  5. You're the Fairest Flower You're the Fairest Flower Video
  6. In Izzenschnooken on the Lovely Essenzook Zee In Izzenschnooken on the Lovely Essenzook Zee Video
  7. Playing Croquet Playing Croquet Video
  8. Swinging  Swinging  Video
  9. How Do You Do? 
  10. Tell a Handsome Stranger 
  11. Once in a Blue Moon Once in a Blue Moon Video
  12. Colorado Love Call Colorado Love Call Video
  13. Every Little Nothing Every Little Nothing Video
  14. What Has Happened? 
  15. Act 2
  16. Such a Merry Party Such a Merry Party Video
  17. Say Uncle Say Uncle Video
  18. Heap Big Injun Heap Big Injun Video
  19. Naughty, Naughty Nancy Naughty, Naughty Nancy Video
  20. Mata Hari Mata Hari Video
  21. Do You Ever Dream of Vienna? Do You Ever Dream of Vienna? Video
  22. Coo Coo Coo Coo Video
  23. Finale Finale Video

Little Mary Sunshine review

Little Mary Sunshine Review - Broadway musical

Already from the overture, we can see that the audience is about to see and hear very heroic action with lyrical elements. Taking as the basis the classical musical productions of the 1920s, Rick Besoyan mocks with love at operetta in general and the work of Rudolf Frimley “Rose-Marie” in particular. Each song in the “Little Mary Sunshine” is a reference to a specific primary source that allows the viewer not only to enjoy this musical, but also to draw parallels with other classic performances.

The image of Mary is collected from a variety of romantic girls – classic lovers of brave heroes. The ease and clarity of voice of Eileen Brennan especially emphasize the spiritual qualities of her charming character. Vocal data of artist enable the viewer to immerse into the unusual story about the young girl. Although the character based on parody, the fate of Little Mary Sunshine causes jitters in lot of sensitive hearts.

A more sophisticated audience can find a double meaning in most of the songs of this show, which is questionable advantage. Some critics found this ambiguity unacceptable and provocative. They also reacted to the caricature, which was present in several characters. A certain part of the audience considered the stereotypes existing here as an insult of the Native Americans and women.

Bright colors are a mandatory feature of this production. Redcoats of Forest rangers attract the attention of the audience from the first seconds. Charming long attires of young beauties appeal to the female audience. The choreography of the musical makes a positive impression. Grace of artists & musical dance numbers give a special charm. Even extremely demanding audience will be satisfied with the created characters, as well as their plastics & voices. This spectacular raises serious problems, like a dispute over the land between the Indians and the authorities. The author of the musical did not hesitate to show sides of both, indigenous inhabitants of North America and officials. Injustice, which previously existed in the United States with respect to the local tribes, still exists in our days. Reservations, where most of the indigenous inhabitants of the country are, exist till today. Only when the true equality of people of all races and nationalities will become an inseparable part of the American reality, the political issues raised in this musical will lose their relevance.

If you do not pay attention to the double implication of some lyrics, this show is an original piece, filled with fun and cheerful characters. Thus, it is suitable for all ages of beholders. Viewing this will deliver the spectator a lot of fun and optimism.
Last Update:April, 21st 2016

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