The Thirst lyrics - Lestat

The Thirst lyrics

The Thirst

How can this be?
This devil leaves.
And God abandons me.
I'm left here looking at these flames.
That too could set me free.
The vessel that I used to be is tainted now and ripped apart.
Bathed in madness by that fiend who's robbed me of my human heart.
My life is gone, but I live on.
Dead, but still alive.
Lost to those who loved me once,
A demon now inside.
For here I am a thing of darkness,
Thrown from this ungodly swoon
Immortal from a savage kiss
Kept from my eventual tomb.
But wait, did I invite this fate? This invitation from the damned.
This introduction to the dark was never in my mortal plan.
And if indeed this cruel joke was somehow in my destiny.
Should I embrace its wicked ways and haunt the night for what I need?
To die in such a way and simply to be born again.
A thing of terrifying strength, a bringer of bewitching pain
And blood become the drug I need.
Will blood fulfill the thirst in me?
The thirst that sends them to their grave,
The thirst for that which I now crave.
This thirst.
This thirst is strong.
It overpowers all right and wrong
The thirst, I feel it coming on.
The thirst, I feel it coming on.
The thirst.
I feel it coming on! Last Update: June, 10th 2013

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