Lestat synopsis

Lestat synopsis

Lestat Synopsis - Broadway musical

Continuous fighting and mental anguish as long as ages. How is this possible? In no way, if only in the center of the story is a vampire. His name is Lestat, and he was able to taste the immortality very early. In fact, according to many sources, Lestat de Lioncourt or Lestat de Valois, made up by Anne Rice, was the first vampire ever existed. The Queen of the Damned, at least, says of him exactly this.

Will the main character be able to reconcile the feeling of thirst, or all his dark nature will eventually break free? The answer to all the questions contained in the eponymous Broadway musical named Lestat.

While in the forest, the young boy suffers an attack of wolves. Surprisingly, he manages to kill all the animals, and thus saves his life. That's where the audience comes to the first encounter with Lestat de Lioncourt. For unknown reasons, the events have led to the anger of the protagonist's father. Gabriel, mother stands up for Lestat, and trying to convince her son to go to Paris to her friend Nicolas. According to her, this is the only way to avoid further escapades and scandals with the participation of head of their family. The young man does not want initially to leave her mother, but eventually agrees to move.

Upon arrival in the French capital, Lestat finds his friend. Last one lives happily and joyfully, being satisfied with the work of the actor and violinist in a small theater. The boys begin to live together. But after a few days, the protagonist begins to notice some strangeness. At night, he more and more often hears a mysterious voice calling him a murderer of wolves. Even more Lestat is surprised by the fact that all this is left by Nicolas without awareness. One day, a young man decides to follow the voice that turned out to be a fatal mistake. The hero is attacked by vampire Magnus. He gives eternal life to Lestat, and then demonstratively burns himself on the pyre.

On arrival home, unable to restrain his hunger, newly born vampire attacks Nicolas, drinking his blood. After some time, the hero goes to his mother and finds her sick with tuberculosis. In order to save Gabriel, Lestat turns her into his own kind. Son with his mother start to travel on various corners of the world. In one of the ancient churches, they encounter a mysterious man, whose name is Armand. He tells the main characters to follow him to the cemetery, where at this moment passes the assembly of vampires-Satanists. Lestat refuses to take part in it, and openly criticized the activities of Armand. Last takes Nicolas as a hostage, but then releases him with absolute ease. The guy asks Lestat to turn him, but something goes wrong and Nicolas falls into a catatonic state.

On stage, there are absolutely new actors who in play, directed by vampire Armand, tell the audience about Armand and Marius. Once Lestat decided to spare his friend from suffering and casts a flame over him, Marius appears on the scene. He says that the salvation of the youth life was not in his powers and calls the main character to go to America. Upon arrival in New Orleans, Lestat meets Louis – a person who has lost interest in life. Vampire makes his new acquaintance the so-called Dark Hit. Heroes begin to live together, but after a certain time, there are serious differences arise between them. Louis decided on a bold step and leaves his creator, which, however, does not suit the latter. To be able to manipulate with his creation, Lestat turns little homeless girl Clodia. This greatly terrifies Louis, but with time, he gets used to the presence of a small vampire and begins to have father's feelings to her.

Life in the triumvirate will bring each of the characters a lot of suffering. They will experience unexpected twists of events.
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