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Album lyrics:
  1. Act 1
  2. Overture 
  3. Walkin' the Track 
  4. Choo Choo Love 
  5. Kitty's Kisses 
  6. Finaletto Act I, Scene 1 
  7. Thinking of You 
  8. Two Fellows and a Girl 
  9. I'm in Love 
  10. Promise Your Kisses 
  11. Finale Act I 
  12. Act 2
  13. Early in the Morning 
  14. I Don't Want Him 
  15. Needles 
  16. First Telephone Scene 
  17. Whenever I Dream 
  18. Second Telephone Scene 
  19. Bounce Me 
  20. Finale Ultimo 

Kitty's Kisses review

Kitty's Kisses Review - Broadway musical

Simple, without any psychological burden and special meaning, this musical, as well as many others like it, experienced the great success on Broadway at those times. It did not press, not blamed society, was not making fun of people. No, it has been done with pleasure and for pleasure. Smooth and enchanting musical motives kindly and gently set the desired mood and a light veil of love, youth, and lightness. Honey voices of young female performers are in contrast to bass voices of their colleagues sound very appropriate, and all tracks are unobtrusively tell us the flirting story. Perhaps that is why it was decided to make a record later, after almost a hundred years, leaving this long-forgotten musical at least as a track-list.

CD, of course, will be wanted by everyone who is even slightly acquainted with the stars of those times. R. Luker (Kitty), P. Chaffin (Robert), V. Clark (Mrs. Dennison) & D. Burstein (Mr. Dennison) in the lead roles! This edition is simply obliged to be on the shelves of collectors and connoisseurs of the early twentieth century. Broadway classics, after all. Sam Davis finely coped with the creation of a living atmosphere in the recording. Orchestra management is given to him as if nothing hard, while melodies sound like a noble chamber ensemble performing ballads.
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