Kitty's Kisses Musical Lyrics

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Kitty's Kisses Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture   add
  3. Walkin' the Track   add
  4. Choo Choo Love   add
  5. Kitty's Kisses   add
  6. Finaletto Act I, Scene 1   add
  7. Thinking of You   add
  8. Two Fellows and a Girl   add
  9. I'm in Love   add
  10. Promise Your Kisses   add
  11. Finale Act I   add
  12. Act 2
  13. Early in the Morning   add
  14. I Don't Want Him   add
  15. Needles   add
  16. First Telephone Scene   add
  17. Whenever I Dream   add
  18. Second Telephone Scene   add
  19. Bounce Me   add
  20. Finale Ultimo   add

The CD’s release must thank to not the genius of the histrionics itself. We cannot say that it was a phenomenal or a fantastic job, but it was certainly good with lots of thin and thick humor. Fairly even to consider these things as heritage of Broadway, a part of its history.

In the 1920s and 1930s, production played on Broadway and had some success on the West End of London. The actors playing the roles were charismatic and have been repeatedly seen in other successful productions. But after all, the records of the musical went on a long box on the Warner Brothers Music warehouse in Secaucus, that in New Jersey. Long sixty years entries were lying there, lost in time as well as any other spectacular that has not received publicity for millions of people. Once, a theater historian, Tommy Krasker, found them and decided to create a new record.

Mr. Krasker usually took more famous, earlier works, but for some reason, could not ignore this one. Tommy Krasker and his colleague, Sam Davis, who helped him to restore the original Broadway cast of music for Con Conrad, knew what they were doing. This musical had not a single hit, neither songs that deserved to become a hit. But the simplicity and charm of melodies touched professionals and they could not pass-by this. Long and hard work had its outcomes. The album brought them success. It has been memorized, and will forever remain in the history as the Broadway’s classics, accurately reflecting the mood of those times.
Release date: 2009
Last Update:April, 20th 2016

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