Kinky Boots synopsis

Kinky Boots synopsis

Kinky Boots Synopsis - Broadway musical

An important choices time from time arise in front of many. One very responsible step could change the whole life. But few have ever faced with such unusual problems as Charlie Price, a regular guy who dreams of living in London. He has a girlfriend, he makes a career in real estate. In his home comes the news that he has become the heir of going-bust shoe company of his father in a small town called Northampton.

The former owner of the company is his own father, a strict man of conservative looks. At the factory for decades, classic British men's shoes were produced, neither original in the style nor anything else, but they were practical with all the ensuing consequences. During the modern fashion’s development, company had a lot of problems, as fans of old classics became smaller and smaller in number, and therefore the shoe factory slowly but surely went to the bottom, out of which followed many fires. People remained without work, and it was hard to Charlie to accept it.

There remained only two options: to come up with something that can be done with the company, or to sell it and use the money to buy an apartment in London, how the girl of protagonist insisted. Man was standing in front of a difficult choice. One evening, after a series of hard dismissals, Charlie appeared at the bar, drinking to mute conscience and trying to make an important decision. He was thinking in the favor of sale of the family business but he met Lola.

Lola is a strong black transvestite, whose earlier name was Simon. Heavyweight boxer in the past, Lola also was a cabaret star, singer and dancer, working in gay clubs. Lola tells Charlie that she and her friends need strong and good shoes for performances, and shoes that can withstand the weight of the hundreds of kilograms are not often found on the shelves of the stores. And Charlie comes up with the brilliant idea, as he thought. He's going to change the orientation of the factory and create sturdy shoes for transvestites and transsexuals, and Lola becomes his assistant. They work hard, create the design and manufacture the production together. It decided to exhibit the created collection at a fashion show in Milan.

Hard work and a lot of tests get in the way of Charlie, who in the course of his decision and work loses his girlfriend, a lot of friends, respect of colleagues, who do not understand what they are doing, and even quarrels with Lola. But Charlie is going to the end. Even when he is almost completely alone on the show in Milan, the guy comes out on stage and demonstrates his own shoes, almost failing the show, but Lola and her friends suddenly appeared on the podium and saved the situation.
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