Kinky Boots review

Kinky Boots review

Kinky Boots Review - Broadway musical

Comedy, as it stated, was based on real events. It is difficult to imagine that the life of an ordinary, unremarkable human being meets such dramatic changes, and that all that surrounds him, is screaming to accept these changes. Probably the things that were happening before our eyes were much shortened version of all adversities, stood on the way of the young clerk named Charlie Price, a completely insecure guy. Or maybe, vice versa, many obstacles and harsh things were added in order to make it look less ordinary.

It is worth noting that the musical orientation definitely was not designed for narrow-minded and intolerant public, as the issue of acceptance of what is difficult to understand to the average person, is very serious here. The picture put many social problems on the very thin edge: the problem of social not-acceptance "of those who are not like we are", including the absolute rejection of radical changes not only in yourself and outlook on life, but also in the people around you.

The world is moving, the world runs, the world is changing and never stands still. This is one of the main ideas of this production, which shows all the conservative people in the factory, suddenly confronted in their coordinated work with something unknown and unfamiliar, namely exotic footwear for… transvestites. Humor and the ease with which a character Lola withstands hits from people, seems so natural that we unwittingly imbued with sympathy to her. Lola is a bright woman and a performer on the stage and a well-groomed and handsome man. Two beginnings, opening one person from diametrically opposite sides, shall make think even the most dry and stale person that there are various lives of different people. Contrast histrionics includes boring Charlie, who becoming a strong leader involuntarily, town residents, ossified in their views, many-faceted Lola, and even a thin and beautiful storyline. It takes a lot of attention to this spectacular.

Without a doubt, you can call this musical one of the best solutions for the Broadway production. Aside the difficult ambiguity on the scene, it has turned lively freak show, which occasionally occurs in the scene. But for sure here we find humor, irony, and the ease. They all earned positive feedback, recognition of the public, and collected awards.
Last Update:April, 20th 2016

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