Jungle Book review

Jungle Book review

Jungle Book Review - Broadway musical

This colorful and amazing cartoon appeared under the supervision of Walt Disney and quickly snatched a piece of success. Kipling and his stories were no less popular than now. Exotic tales of countries, far from the northern people living in concrete boxes of cities. Worlds, embellished by thousands of colors, lively and sometimes lurid for urban residents, stories with no less bright characters. The musical caused a sensation, gathering a lot of opinions and drawing attention to the work of the already famous writer even more.

Like any work of Disney, The Jungle Book is remembered with its unobtrusive positivity, being a child fairy tale, which is pleasant to both adults and children, being clear even for the youngest audience, but not losing its relevance for the older generation. The cartoon is still more for family viewing. Music for it was written very appropriate, and reflects the characters and the atmosphere of life away from people under the wild rhythm of the jungle, which set totally different rules of the game. Sometimes very dangerous ones. Analyzing its pros and cons is a bad job, as it narrates, teaches and alarms – everyone will find here what they want to see. After several decades pass, cartoon was written in gold classics fund of Disney animation.

Perhaps it is worth noting that such a joyful and vivid picture did not fit the description of the word "jungle" and devoid of that gloomy sadness described by Kipling in his works, where everything was not so colorful and nobody was having fun around the clock. The events were much more severe and close to real life, but Walt Disney decided other, rejecting more realistic scenario by one of his colleagues, Bill Pitt. In any case, the musical was designed for children as the main audience. And remember that this was Walt Disney, after all. This studio does not do gloomy pictures much. Well-designed images, decent music and very colorful cartoon please the eye. If you do not make references to Kipling's product and do not focus on the deeper meaning, which authors abandoned in the picture, you can simply enjoy a pleasant story and sketches of skilled artists, who have created this flamboyancy on the screen. Tale that teaches that no matter how small you are and how different you are from others, the main thing is real friends and a brave heart to overcome all the obstacles.
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